2008 Strange Lands Correspondent Contest Winning Essay


2008 Strange Lands Correspondent, Lavel

Tell us (200 words or less) why you think you would make a great Strange Lands Correspondent:

First of all, I greatly enjoy Strange Lands for the vast amout of authors it hosts. I would make an amazing Strange Lands Correspondent for several reasons. I have read the Kiesh’ra series by Ms. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and I love reading. I am dying to know how Ms. Atwater-Rhodes completed her series and it would just be fun to meet her in person. Also, even though I love to read, I also love to write. I want to be an author when I grow up, so it would be a favorable opportunity to meet someone who loves fantasy novels like I do and get advice. Lastly, I have done interviews in the past for school assignments, so this wouldn’t be difficult.