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Advance Praise for Anna Quindlen's LOUD AND CLEAR
"In her first retrospective essay collection since Thinking Out Loud (1993), best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Quindlen continues to unscramble gnarly social issues with splendid clarity and pithiness, wit and compassion and uncommon common sense.... So true is Quindlen's moral compass, and so lucid, vital, and forward-looking are her insights, that her opinion pieces not only stand the test of time but also provide an invaluable gage of where we've been and where we're going....Quindlen is a tonic for mind and soul."

"Quindlen . . . couldn't have picked a more apt title . . . Whether readers agree with Quindlen's opinions on everything from youth culture to gun control, these razor-sharp musings will open avenues of debate and discussion long after the book is closed. Quindlen is at the top of her game . . ."
-Publishers Weekly

Praise for Blessings
"A polished gem of a novel...lovingly crafted, beautifully written."
­The Miami Herald

"A well-told story of love and redemption."
­The Washington Post Book World

"[A] richly imagined novel of the transforming power of love."
­St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Readers...will be rewarded by a story they cannot put down."

Praise for Black and Blue
"Quindlen writes with power and grace."
­The Boston Globe

"Like her columns, Quindlen’s novels are written with intelligence, clarity and heartrending directness."

"Pulitzer Prize—winning journalist Anna Quindlen demonstrates the same winning qualities that inform her journalism: close observation, well-reasoned argument and appealing economy of language. This portrait [is] illuminating and, as is true of most anything Quindlen writes, well worth the read."

"A refreshing, wise and truth-telling novel about life and marriage...Quindlen writes about women as they really are­neither helpless victims nor angry polemicists, but intelligent human beings struggling to do what’s right for those they love and for themselves. A book to read and savor."
­Kirkus Reviews

Praise for One True Thing
"Like a brush with mortality, One True Thing leaves the reader feeling grateful, wide awake, lucky to be alive."
­Michael Chabon

"A triumph."
­San Francisco Chronicle

"Readers of her columns in the Times are aware that Anna Quindlen has a first-class mind; now they will know she has a great heart as well."
­Susan Isaacs
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