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Here, we’ll post the answers to as many as of your frequently asked questions as we can! Do you have more questions, comments or suggestions? We love to hear them all! Shoot us an email at

1. I work for a magazine, newspaper or other publication. Or, I work for a local bookstore. How can I get more information on Blessings and Anna Quindlen’s author tour and appearances?
Contact Anna’s book publicist, Laura Moreland, at Random House by email at

2. How can my library get a copy of Blessings?
Contact our Library Services group at the appropriate mailing address or fax below:

From within the U.S. please contact:
Random House, Inc.
Department of Library Marketing
280 Park Avenue (11-3)
New York, NY 10017
Fax: 212-940-7381

From Canada, please contact:
Random House of Canada
The Library Department
2775 Matheson Boulevard East
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4W 4P7
Tel: 1-905-624-0672

For international orders, contact us via phone (1-410-848-1900) or fax (1-410-386-7049)
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