Oral sex is illegal in San Francisco, CA. Although I tried, the Swedish nannies called it a night early. Avoid the temptation to ride a bike in a swimming pool in Baldwin Park, CA--it's illegal here. Keep your anger in check while playing put-put golf in Long Beach, CA--it's illegal to curse on a mini golf course here. Up for a game of cards? Well, just don't play against a Native American in Globe, AZ--it's illegal here. Keep the harpoons sheathed in Utah--it's illegal to hunt for Whales here. We assume it's illegal to speed everywhere in the U.S., but this is the only state where that was actually proven--Batemen received a $220 fine for going 97 in a 75mph zone. We originally planned to go to South Dakota to break the law by sleeping on the floor of a cheese factory, which is illegal here, but some silly health violations didn't allow that to happen. Kissing a girl for for than 5 minutes would have broken the law in Iowa, but my friend Jen didn't come through for me (unless I wanted to kiss one of her pregnant friends in front of said girl's mother!) Drinking out of a bucket could technically get you arrested in St. Louis, MO. I met a father and son while breaking the law in Chicago, where it's illegal to fish in your pajamas. Noses rejoice! It's illegal to eat garlic before going to the movies in Indianapolis. While I failed to break the law in Tennessee because I couldn't catch a fish with a lasso, I doubt anyone ever will--it's as difficult as it sounds! For some reason, it's illegal in Oxford, MS to drive around the town square more than 100 times in a single session. Spartanburg, South Carolina apparently frowns on people eating watermelon in Magnolia Cemetery--it's against the law here. Technically I passed out from alcohol consumption, but still, I broke the law in Pittsburgh for falling asleep on a fridge. Not only is eating while swimming dangerous, it's also against the law in Ocean City. Strict post 9/11 rules aside, I was determined to break the law by flying a kite (homemade, by the way) in Washington, DC. Did you know it was illegal to offer cigarettes to monkeys in New Jersey? Neither did I. Fore! It's illegal to play golf on city streets in Albany, NY. Lack of fullness aside, technically, I was breaking the law in Boston for sporting a goatee. It wasn't graceful, but I was able to break the law in Hartford, CT by crossing the street on my hands. Despite how good a fresh orange is, it is illegal to peel them in a hotel room in Los Angeles, CA. Keep your instrument in its case--it is illegal in Indian Wells, CA to play a trumpet with the intention of luring someone into a store.