Palace Circle by Rebecca Dean

Historical Timeline –
Events Taking Place During Rebecca Dean’s


  • Coronation of George V and Queen Mary
  • Investiture of Edward, Prince of Wales
  • Suffragettes march in a five-mile procession of protest
  • Winston Churchill becomes First Lord of the Admiralty


  • Britain declares war against Germany
  • Spring offensive Ypres
  • Sinking of the Lusitania


  • The Somme campaign opens
  • The Minister’s son, Raymond Asquith, is killed leading his men into battle on the Somme
  • Bessie Wallis Warfield marries E. Winfield Spencer
  • Lloyd George replaces Mr Asquith as Prime Minister


  • America enters World War 1
  • There are Zeppelin raids over London


  • Prince Edward begins 16-year affair with Mrs. Dudley-Ward
  • Germany signs the Armistice


  • Versailles Peace Conference
  • Birth of Prince Farouk, Cairo


  • Wallis divorces E. Winfield Spencer
  • Wallis marries Ernest Simpson


  • Prince Edward begins an affair with Thelma Furness


  • Thelma Furness introduces Wallis Simpson and her husband to the Prince of Wales


  • British Union of Fascists is founded by Sir Oswald Mosley
  • Roosevelt wins Presidential election


  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of German Reich
  • Thelma Furness takes a trip home to America. In Thelma’s absence Wallis’s relationship with Prince Edward changes from friendship to something far more intimate
  • Sir Miles Lampson becomes Egypt’s British High Commissioner
  • Mosley Fascist Rally, Olympia


  • King George celebrates his silver jubilee


  • King George V dies
  • Edward succeeds to the throne as King Edward Vll
  • King Fuad dies
  • Prince Farouk succeeds his father as King of Egypt


  • King Edward holidays aboard the yacht ‘Nahlin’ with Wallis and a party of friends. Their relationship begins to attract much international press attention.
  • Wallis’s divorce petition is heard at Ipswich Assizes
  • The Prime Minister, Mr Baldwin, meets with the King in deep concern over what is considered to be an impossible liaison.
  • All through the month, Edward struggles to keep both his throne and Wallis. It is a battle he loses. On Dec. 10th he abdicates. His younger brother, Prince Albert, becomes King, taking the name George Vl.


  • Edward, now the Duke of Windsor, marries Wallis at the Château de Candé, France.
  • Fruity Metcalfe is his best man


  • Britain declares war with Germany
  • Winston Churchill is once again First Lord of the Admiralty


  • The Nazis occupy Denmark and Norway
  • Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister. One of his first acts is to intern the British fascist leader, Sir Oswald Mosley.
  • France Falls
  • Italians attack British Somaliland from Ethiopia
  • The British mount a major offensive against Italian troops in the Western Desert


  • Rommel and two crack Panzer divisions arrive in North Africa
  • British Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden, flies to Cairo to give a first-hand report to Churchill
  • The war in the desert is being conducted on a vast scale

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Palace Circle - Timeline

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