Palace Circle by Rebecca Dean

Which PALACE CIRCLE Man Would You Marry?

Palace intrigue, romance, and illicit affairs—Rebecca Dean has written a glorious novel that will sweep readers off their feet – many finding themselves madly in love – with at least one of the royal (or not so royal) men in the novel…

Take this quiz to find out which of the male characters
you’re most likely to marry!

1) What is the most important to you when choosing a suitor?

  1. Wealth 
  2. Romance
  3. Passion 
  4. Never-ending love


2) If a poor man expressed his love for you, would you consider marrying him?

  1. No, are you kidding me?
  2. Maybe, if he was smart
  3. Maybe, if he was good looking
  4. Yes


3) Would you be excited by the opportunity to leave your family and friends behind to marry-up for wealth or adventure?

  1. Yes
  2. Hard to imagine leaving my family
  3. Maybe, if I was madly in love
  4. Yes, I’d do anything to find my one true love


4) You think you’re most likely to marry a man that is:

  1. Twenty years your senior
  2. Your age
  3. It doesn’t matter as long as he’s got the spark
  4. Knows me like family


5) You’re most likely to meet your man at:

  1. A debutante ball
  2. A protest
  3. Your best friend’s house
  4. A family gathering


6) Would you consider a long distance relationship? 

  1. No, it never works
  2. Probably, if I knew my beau was off doing good for the world
  3. Probably, even though my heart knows he’s seeing other woman while I’m gone
  4. Yes, anything to stay with my one true love


7) Do you believe sex before marriage is acceptable?

  1. No, I’ve been brought up to wait
  2. Yes, it’s time to accept change, as long as you’re using protection
  3. No, but I might make an exception for the right guy
  4. Yes, we’re not living in the dark ages


8)  What constitutes a good marriage?

  1. A steady man, who will always have a roof over my head
  2. Two people who are committed to the same cause
  3. Passion, Passion, Passion!
  4. Never-ending love


9) What kind of father would your man be?

  1. A good example, where hard work and making money is concerned
  2. Willing to risk his life, if it means fighting to make the world a better place
  3. Full of love and devotion
  4. Always there for your children, no matter what


10) Describe your Mr. Right:

  1. Calm, even-mannered, stable provider
  2. Smart, passionate, dedicates his life to social issues
  3. Tall, dark, handsome
  4. Gorgeous, communicative and extremely sweet


See Answers to find out your results!

Answers: Which PALACE CIRCLE Man Would You Marry?

Scoring: Give yourself one point for each time you answered (a), two points for each time you answered (b), three points for each time you answered (c), and four points for each time you answered (d).

10-15 points – You will marry Ivor Conisborough, a loyal friend, wealthy supporter, and good father.

Ivor, Viscount Conisborough, is a cosmopolitan, sophisticated English aristocrat. A financial advisor to the late King Edward Vll, he becomes an advisor to King George V. His ancestral home, Shibden Hall, is in Norfolk, within sight of the sea. His London home is a Georgian mansion in Cadogan Square, Knightsbridge. A widower when he marries Delia (twenty years his junior) he brings her to London, providing a wealthy, stable, life, though devoid of passion or true love. He is a very hard worker and passes his sense of responsibility on to his two daughters, Davina and Petra.

15-25 points – You will marry Fergus Sinclair, a passionate activist, dedicated to helping others, loving his wife, and baby boy.

Fergus Sinclair is a Scot. An intelligent doctor with a strong social conscience, he and his wife are volunteers at Toynbee Hall, an East End of London settlement house that works on the idea that those giving aid to the poor, should also live among the poor. Sinclair dedicates his life to social justice, helping those less fortunate than himself. He has one baby boy.

25-35 points – You will marry Jerome Bazeljette, a romantic, handsome, caring,   yet often philandering lover, and very dedicated father.

Jerome Bazeljette is Ivor’s very attractive friend and Delia’s life-long love. From the moment she met him, she was immediately attracted, and her love for him only grows with time and distance. A baronet, Ivor is far younger than Ivor, and though a loyal friend, where women are concerned, he has the deserved reputation of being a philanderer. He is a loving father to his son Jack, and a wonderful “father-figure” to Davina and Petra.

35-45 points - You will marry Jack Bazeljette, a good natured and good-looking guy, dedicated friend, boyfriend, and husband.

Jack is Jerome and Lady Bazeljette’s only child. Good-looking, gregarious and outgoing, he falls in love with Petra, his good family friend. Jack’s love for Petra is one that never wavers, even when tested by time and circumstance.

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