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Welcome to the June issue of Potter Craft News!

We've fallen in love with the outrageous spirit of Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer of KNITTY (not to mention worldwide) fame. Their smart, witty book is filled with figure-flattering, curvalicious patterns. We thought it would be fun to have Jillian and Amy talk to you about the book, Big Girl Knits, themselves.  So put your feet up, grab your knitting, and get ready to laugh and enjoy one small stitch for Potter Craft, one giant stitch for womankind.

Shawna Mullen, Editorial Director, Potter Craft

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Amy: So, Miss Jillian, this whole book was your idea. Where did it hit you that the world needed a book like this?

Jillian: It hit me like an arrow in my big old butt. Knitters have been complaining for ages about not being able to find big girl patterns or only finding ugly, unflattering big girl patterns. The year we started work on BGK, 200 knitting books were published and ZERO were fat girl books.

Amy: Some knitting books stop at a 40" chest. That's criminal. That's not even an average size L in North America. Who is in charge here?

Jillian: Clearly whoever's in charge is someone who's never looked at--or been--a fat woman. I wanted BGK to be more than just good knitting patterns for big girls.

Amy: Yah, I love the interactive component of the book. We went nuts with the fit-your-bod charts...and people seem to like them. But clearly, now that we've done it, we know WHY no one else has done it.

Jillian: It was a ton of work to make the math accessible to readers--you are a math goddess now.

Amy: Numbers still scare me. I am SO not a math goddess. But there was a point when we were in the thick of writing the mathy section where I somehow managed to let all that information into my brain. Still, I'd rather just plug my measurements into the charts, now that all the legwork is done!

Jillian: I spent a huge amount of time watching big girls when we were researching the book. Not just in yarn stores but everywhere. I would say most don't look in the mirror. I encourage them to look hard and perhaps discover that they really like what they see.

Amy: It's hard to look at yourself when you're not like the idealized norm and say "I'm a babe!" Some people naturally do that. Most of us have to work at it.

Jillian: If you're honest about what you see and measure, you'll find that you are not so bad--even lovely and sexy.

Amy: It's like we wrote a psych book: "How to love yourself when a good part of the world thinks you're not quite right!" I don't think it's healthy to hate your body bits. They can sense it. They grow bigger in response.


Jillian: Not healthy, not fun. I've heard tons of feedback about how the front part of BGK has changed a person's view of all clothing, not just sweater patterns--I love that.

Amy: I was one of those women who knit turtlenecks in bulky yarn so they'd knit up faster and then hated them on me.

Jillian: I love the icons--cute and to the point, just like us.

Amy: I'm very proud of the icons. Your concept, my execution. Go team! I've always had a secret desire to be an illustrator. Maybe I can give that up now.

Jillian: So what else? You and I are working on classes and events, like a measuring party/color party. People should contact us at thegirls@biggirlknits.com if they want us to come to their local yarn shop.

Amy: So, what's next for you, Miss Jillian? I hear there's a sequel to Big Girl Knits in the works.

Jillian: Yup, we're working on BGK2 right now.

Amy: Ricky Gervais will be modeling for us this time.

Jillian: SNORT.


Big Girl Knits: 25 Big, Bold Projects Shaped for Real Women with Real Curves
By Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer

Big Girl Knits offers 25 patterns designed for women size 14 and up, as well as a sassy guide to educate knitters on how to create knitwear that fits well and looks beautiful. Part knitting instruction and part style guide, Big Girl Knits is full of useful advice to help the big girl figure out which styles suit her and how to use clothing to make the most of the three Bs: the Boobs, the Belly, and the Butt.

WIN A "Knit Big" T-SHIRT! To enter, send an e-mail to crownmarketing@randomhouse.com with "Big Girl Knits " in the subject line. (Official contest rules)

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