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Welcome to the April issue of Potter Craft News!

From the moment we met Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner, the amazing women behind MasonDixonKnitting.com, we found their energy and passion contagious. They believe “in the give ‘em hell spirit of just picking up the needles and "making stuff" and—whether you are a knitter or simply an intrigued, non-knitting bystander—you'll find theirs is a spirit that’s hard to resist. It comes through in their entertaining and informative website (christened “Mason–Dixon” because Kay lives in Manhattan, Ann lives in Nashville) and it is certainly a HUGE part of their wonderful new book, Mason-Dixon Knitting. Their approach blends stories of friendships, families, carpools, kids, and the extraordinary craziness of everyday life with great patterns and knitting advice to create a book that's an addictive read and a project-sourcebook unlike any other.

Mason-Dixon Knitting arrives in the stores this month, and we couldn’t be prouder to turn it over to you! We’re also happy to say Ann and Kay are traveling around the country, knitting projects in hand, to meet you all in person. We hope you’ll take an opportunity to stop by and share some of the fun, and inspire us in turn with a little creative vision all your own. Click here for a listing of their tour stops.

Kick up your (craftiest) heels—Spring is here!

Shawna Mullen, Editorial Director, Potter Craft


Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitter's Guide
By Kay Gardiner and Ann Meador Shayne

From the hilarious duo that gives us the popular blog by the same name, here is an enthusiastic and entertaining celebration of knitting that is equal parts witty narrative, helpful instruction guide, and beautiful pattern book.

WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK! To enter, send an e-mail to crownmarketing@randomhouse.com with "Mason-Dixon Knitting" in the subject line. (Official contest rules)

“Beachcombing” Pillow
from Inspired Cable Knits

Get copy of Inspired Cable Knits and enough Infiknits Yarn to create this pillow

Visit the websites of
some of our current & upcoming authors:

Lion Brand Yarn

Fiona Ellis

Kay Gardiner &
Ann Meador Shayne

Jillian Moreno &
Amy R. Singer

Margrit Lohrer

Ashley Paige

Julie Carles &
Jordana Jacobs

The best thing about knitting is the community. If you don't want to meet at your home or need a more public location to help attract members, getting together at a local store is a great option.

Here's a handy list of reasons why every store should consider hosting a knitting group. Bring a printout with you as you scout locations and talk to store managers.

Tell us about the knitting-friendly stores in your area! We’ll contact the manager with news about our books and author tours.

99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special
By Compai Collective
A hip collection of 99 fashionable ways to reinvent an ordinary T-shirt. This approachable little guide offers illustrated patterns with simple instructions on the art of T-shirt transformation.


Inspired Cable Knits
by Fiona Ellis
Drawing inspiration from nature and life, Fiona Ellis has created 20 striking patterns for beautiful cable knits. Enriched by notes from the author about her creative process, Inspired Cable Knits is an ideal book for intermediate and experienced knitters who are looking for a new take on a traditional stitch.


The Potter Needlework Library:
The Impatient Embroiderer

by Jayne Emerson
A wonderful array of machine-stitch and quick-stitch embroidery projects that can be used to dress up household items such as pillows, curtains, jackets, or jeans, these easy-to-follow instructions help you match the right stitch to the right fabric. So whether you’re working on cotton or velvet, you can expect successful results.


The Potter Needlework Library:
The Impatient Patchworker

by Jayne Emerson
Using patchwork patterns and techniques, you can create beautiful things with a handmade look, including padded hangers, placemats, throws, miniquilts, and more. All the instructions are step by step and include great tips about choosing fabrics, matching textures, and piecing together your project.

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