“Scintillating. The author’s thoughtful observations on the need for contact at all costs in an increasingly virtual society ring true.”
- The Washington Post

“For anyone curious about the state of sexuality in America, this smart, intriguing tour will scratch your (intellectual) itch.”
- Publishers Weekly

“...a swift, smooth, contemplative and frequently hilarious travelogue through America’s surprisingly mainstream nether regions.”
- Arthur Salm, Books Editor, San Diego Union-Tribune

“A clearheaded and open-minded look at the sexual revolution's final stage.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“...one of my favorite chroniclers of sexuality in the mainstream media. His genuine curiosity mixed with a healthy dose of skepticism make him an ideal companion to explore the millions of ways sex is talked about and acted out in our culture.”
- Cory Silverberg, author, About.com writer

“...Alexander has traveled America from end to end, reporting on what our sexuality is really like: the lust, the embarrassment, the fear of God, the unending question of what’s ‘normal.’ If you want to know what’s really going on these days, read America Unzipped.&rdquo
- Marty Klein, Ph.D

“Entertaining, funny, shocking, smart, provocative and extremely thoughtful... Alexander gains entry into some of the most bizarre worlds—think Alice in Wonderland meets Dante’s Inferno—and takes us along for the ride.”
- Candida Royalle

“Eye-openingly smart...Picking up where Sallie Tisdale‘s Talk Dirty To Me left off in the 90s, Brian Alexander's America Unzipped appreciatively unpacks our culture's last remaining sexual taboos (apparently, we've still got a few!).”
- Genevieve Field, cofounder of Nerve.com

“With humor and curiosity, Alexander creates a powerful and entertaining look at what is really going on in the American bedroom... and demands we think about how to move ahead to create a sexually healthier society.”
- Eli Coleman Ph.D

“Alexander himself is at least as interesting as the people he observed and interviewed... America Unzipped is entertaining. Alexander has a gift for narrative, and he’s not afraid to put himself in the story.”
- Houston Press

“[Alexander’s] voice is sensible, humorous and largely unbiased, even when he is aghast.”
- Bookgasm.com

“Navigating each episode with both humor and reflection, Alexander sees exhilarating liberation but also a kind of ‘kitschy banality’: Where’s the excitement when our thrills are no longer taboo?”
- Psychology Today

Brian Alexander is an award-winning contributing editor at Glamour magazine and writes the "Sexploration" column for msnbc.com. His six-part online series, "America Unzipped," received more than one million viewers per month. He lives in San Diego, California.