Doubleknight Books is a division of FalscherBücher and publishes primarily academic nonfiction in a wide array of fields, including art history, religious studies, symbology, ancient culture, and the reprint of historic documents.
  All submissions must be made through an established literary agent. Doubleknight Books is not accepting submissions at this time. Thank you.  

  Tomas L. Hilb, Founder

Thomas L. Hilb has over eighty years of publishing experience. The first manuscript he purchased was in 1931—a book that claimed to reveal the location of the lost Fountain of Youth. Despite paying top dollar for the manuscript, Mr. Hilb chose never to publish it. Even so, he insists the manuscript was the best acquisition of his career.

  Jonas Faukman, Senior Editor

Jonas Faukman, now in his nineties, made his editorial debut as a copy-editor for F. Scott Fitzgerald. He came to DoubleKnight in the 1950's and claims he will never leave. "Something about this place makes me feel so alive."

  Angel E. Hide, Archival Rights Specialist

Angel E. Hide—famous for being the only female archivist ever permitted into the Vatican Secret Archives—mesmerized the publishing world with her 1954 acquisition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. At age ninety-four, she still works a seventy-hour week. She claims that "loving her work" keeps her young. She is also a firm advocate of daily exercise and a low carbohydrate diet.