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Founded in 1967, the Depository Bank of Zurich is a twenty-four-hour GeldshrankeBanke offering the full modern array of anonymous services in the tradition of the Swiss numbered account. Maintaining offices in Zurich, Kuala Lampur, New York, and Paris, the bank has expanded its services in recent years to offer anonymous computer source-code escrow services, faceless digitized backup, and LagernAnonymen— blind drop services. Clients wishing to store anything from stock certificates to valuable paintings can deposit their belongings anonymously, withdrawing items at anytime, also in total anonymity. Clients also have access to 24-hour live video-feeds of the contents of their deposit boxes.

A message from Bank President, Andre Vernet

The Paris Branch of the Zurich Depository Corp services customers from all over the world. Our discreet staff is accessible around the clock to attend to all of your anonymous depository and banking needs. No matter what asset you have on deposit with us, your trust is our greatest treasure.

Recent News

- New security system installed

- Round-the-clock video surveillance available to all customers

- Digitized backup systems upgraded successfully