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Reliance, Illinois

Written by Mary Volmer

Format: eBook0
On Sale: May 10, 2016
Price: $14.99

"Reliance, Illinois has it all—mystery, politics, war; love, death, and art. Every page is a pleasure."
—Karen Joy Fowler, author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Reliance, Illinois
tells the story of a young woman faced with choices that will alter the course of her own future, and offers a brilliant window into American... Read more >
Also available as a hardcover.
See Also Deception
A Marjorie Trumaine Mystery
Written by Larry D. Sweazy

Format: eBook0
On Sale: May 10, 2016
Price: $9.99

In a small North Dakota town in 1964, indexer Marjorie Trumaine investigates the alleged suicide of the local librarian, uncovering a web of secrets that puts her own life in jeopardy.
October 1964—Just months after freelance indexer Marjorie Trumaine helped solve a series of murders in Dickinson, North Dakota, she... Read more >
Also available as a trade paperback.
The September Letters

Written by Maeve Binchy

Format: eBook, 24 pages
On Sale: May 8, 2016
Price: $0.99

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Original Selection

It starts out like any other dull day in a busy airport bar. James, the bartender, would much rather serve regulars at a local pub than cranky travelers. Katy and Colin have been involved in a longtime affair that comes to literal blows... Read more >
The Shivering

Written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Format: eBook, 32 pages
On Sale: May 9, 2016
Price: $0.99

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection
On the day a plane crashed in Nigeria, Ukamaka lets into her apartment a neighbor in a Princeton sweatshirt she’d never met before to keep her company and pray. United in a common loss, Ukamaka is glad to have someone she can confide... Read more >
Spy Fall
Rebellious Brides
Written by Diana Quincy

Format: eBook, 271 pages
On Sale: May 10, 2016
Price: $3.99

“Lovers of historical fiction could hardly do better than Diana Quincy’s Spy Fall,” proclaims Fresh Fiction. In this uniquely fresh and innovative Regency romance, a fearless French parachutist lands on top of a wicked rogue who endangers her mission—and her heart.
Mari Lamarre is gaining fame on both sides of... Read more >
Stone Mattress
A Story
Written by Margaret Atwood

Format: eBook, 16 pages
On Sale: May 13, 2016
Price: $0.99

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection

The author of such towering novels as The Handmaid’s Tale, The Blind Assassin, and Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood proves her imaginative prowess dazzles just as vividly in her short fiction. “Stone Mattress,” from her collection of the same name is witty, grotesque, and utterly...

Read more >
Why China?

Written by Jennifer Egan

Format: eBook, 16 pages
On Sale: May 11, 2016
Price: $0.99

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection
Sam Lafferty has hit bottom. Under investigation and on leave from the financial services firm that employed him, Sam has uprooted his wife and two daughters and dragged them against their will to central China. While on this rotten family vacation, in an... Read more >
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