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Megatokyo Volume 3
Megatokyo Volume 3
Written by Fred Gallagher, Illustrated by Fred Gallagher
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9781593073053
Our Price: $9.95
 Quantity: 1 
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Megatokyo Volume 3

Written by Fred Gallagher
Illustrated by Fred Gallagher

Format: Trade Paperback, 224 pages
On Sale: February 15, 2005
Price: $9.95

The wildly popular American manga web comic hits its landmark third volume!

Piro and Largo are still stuck in Japan, and this odd couple of an anime/manga-obsessed fanboy and a hard-core gamer, are both stirring up trouble, and stringing together awkward crushes. It’s a true fantasy existence, as the insane and destructive... Read more >
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