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Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

Basic Techniques for Sewing, Applique, Embroidery, Quilting, Dyeing, and Printing, plus 150 Inspired Projects from A to Z

Written by Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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Design-It-Yourself Clothes

Patternmaking Simplified

Written by Cal Patch

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Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit

Using the Rub-off Technique to Re-create and Redesign Your Favorite Fashions

Written by Steffani Lincecum

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Sewing in a Straight Line

Quick and Crafty Projects You Can Make by Simply Sewing Straight

Written by Brett Bara

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The Sewing Bible

A Modern Manual of Practical and Decorative Sewing Techniques

Written by Ruth Singer

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The Creative Family

How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections

Written by Amanda Blake Soule

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Kanzashi in Bloom

20 Simple Fold-and-Sew Projects to Wear and Give

Written by Diane Gilleland

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Built by Wendy Dresses

The Sew U Guide to Making a Girl's Best Frock

Written by Wendy Mullin and Eviana Hartman
Illustrated by Beci Orpin and Dana Vacarelli

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