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Dance of the Spirit

The Seven Stages of Women's Spirituality

Written by Maria Harris

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Beyond God the Father

Toward a Philosophy of Women's Liberation

Written by Mary Daly

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The Feminine Face of God

The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women

Written by Sherry Ruth Anderson
Contribution by Patricia Hopkins

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Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood

A Treasury of Goddess and Heroine Lore from Around the World

Written by Merlin Stone

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Cries of the Spirit

More Than 300 Poems in Celebration of Women's Spirituality

Edited by Marilyn Sewell

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The Politics of Women's Spirituality

Essays by Founding Mothers of the Movement

Written by Charlene Spretnak

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Diving Deep & Surfacing

Women Writers on Spiritual Quest

Written by Carol P. Christ

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Dreaming the Dark

Magic, Sex, and Politics

Written by Starhawk