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What Color Is My World?

The Lost History of African-American Inventors

Written by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld
Illustrated by Ben Boos and A.G. Ford

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Listen Up!

Alexander Graham Bell's Talking Machine

Written by Monica Kulling
Illustrated by Richard Walz

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Into the Unknown

How Great Explorers Found Their Way by Land, Sea, and Air

Written by Stewart Ross
Illustrated by Stephen Biesty

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Electrical Wizard

How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World

Written by Elizabeth Rusch
Illustrated by Oliver Dominguez

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Frozen in Time

Clarence Birdseye's Outrageous Idea About Frozen Food

Written by Mark Kurlansky

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A Photobiography of Henry Ford

Written by Don Mitchell
Foreword by Lee Iacocca

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Robert Crowther's Pop-Up House of Inventions

Hundreds of Fabulous Facts About Your Home

Written by Robert Crowther
Illustrated by Robert Crowther

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The Inventor's Secret

What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford

Written by Suzanne Slade
Illustrated by Jennifer Black Reinhardt