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Mars Rover Curiosity

An Inside Account from Curiosity's Chief Engineer

Written by Rob Manning and William L. Simon

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Mars Up Close

Inside the Curiosity Mission

Written by Marc Kaufman
Foreword by Elon Musk

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China Airborne

The Test of China's Future

Written by James Fallows

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Falling to Earth

An Apollo 15 Astronaut's Journey to the Moon

Written by Al Worden and Francis French
Epilogue by Tom Stafford
Foreword by Dick Gordon

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The God Machine

From Boomerangs to Black Hawks: The Story of the Helicopter

Written by James R. Chiles

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Space Shuttle 1981-2011

Stories from 30 Years of Exploration

Edited by Air & Space Magazine
Contribution by Sally Ride, Greg Freiherr and T.A. Heppenheimer

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Queen Bess

Daredevil Aviator

Written by Doris L. Rich

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On the Frontier

Experimental Flight at NASA Dryden

Written by Richard P. Hallion and Michael H. Gorn

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Journey to the Stars

Space Exploration--Tomorrow and Beyond

Written by Robert Jastrow

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The Enterprise of Flight

The American Aviation and Aerospace Industry

Written by Roger E. Bilstein

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