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Your Inner Fish

A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body

Written by Neil Shubin

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How We Die

Reflections of Life's Final Chapter, New Edition

Written by Sherwin B. Nuland

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The Universe Within

Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People

Written by Neil Shubin

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The Third Chimpanzee

The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal

Written by Jared Diamond
Read by Rob Shapiro

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The Body, Revised Edition

A Complete User's Guide

Written by Patricia Daniels
Foreword by Richard Restak, M.D.

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The Hand

How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture

Written by Frank R. Wilson

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The Ontogenetic Basis of Human Anatomy

A Biodynamic Approach to Development from Conception to Birth

Written by Erich Blechschmidt
Edited by Brian Freeman

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Are You a Machine?

The Brain, the Mind, And What It Means to Be Human

Written by Eliezer J. Sternberg
Illustrated by Shannon Balke

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The Complete Human

Written by Patricia S. Daniels, Lisa Stein and Trisha Gura
Foreword by Richard Restak

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The Evolving Brain

The Known And the Unknown

Written by R. Grant Steen