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The Family That Couldn't Sleep

A Medical Mystery

Written by D. T. Max

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Gateway to The Heavens

How geometric shapes, patterns and symbols form our reality

Written by Karen L. French

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Angels Within Us

A Spiritual Guide to the Twenty-Two Angels That Govern Our Everyday Lives

Written by John Randolph Price

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The Science of Ghosts

Searching for Spirits of the Dead

Written by Joe Nickell

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The Mystery of the Serpent Mound

In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods

Written by Ross Hamilton

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Celestial Geometry

Understanding the Astronomical Meanings of Ancient Sites

Written by Ken Taylor

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Crop Circles

The Bones of God

Written by Michael Glickman

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The Monuments of Mars

A City on the Edge of Forever

Written by Richard C. Hoagland
Foreword by Richard Grossinger

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