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Graphs, Maps, Trees

Abstract Models for Literary History

Written by Franco Moretti
Afterword by Alberto Piazza

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Against World Literature

On the Politics of Untranslatability

Written by Emily Apter

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Life Sentences

Literary Judgments and Accounts

Written by William H Gass

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The Emergence of Social Space

Rimbaud and the Paris Commune

Written by Kristin Ross
Foreword by Terry Eagleton

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Poetic Justice

The Literary Imagination and Public Life

Written by Martha Nussbaum

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Reading for the Plot

Design and Intention in Narrative

Written by Peter Brooks

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Walking With Thoreau

A Literary Guide to the Mountains of New England

Written by William Howarth
Commentaries by William Howarth

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Willa Cather In Europe

Her Own Story of the First Journey

Written by Willa Cather

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The Triumph of the Thriller

How Cops, Crooks, and Cannibals Captured Popular Fiction

Written by Patrick Anderson

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Criticism and Ideology

A Study in Marxist Literary Theory

Written by Terry Eagleton

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