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Good Prose

The Art of Nonfiction

Written by Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd

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Writing with Pictures

How to Write and Illustrate Children's Books

Written by Uri Shulevitz

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The Spooky Art

Thoughts on Writing

Written by Norman Mailer

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Like Shaking Hands with God

A Conversation about Writing

Written by Kurt Vonnegut and Lee Stringer

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Writing on Writing

Written by Nelson Algren
Afterword by Daniel Simon
Noted by C.S. O'Brien

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Page Fright

Foibles and Fetishes of Famous Writers

Written by Harry Bruce

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Notes for a Memoir

On Isaac Asimov, Life, And Writing

Written by Janet Asimov

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Your Life is a Book

How to Craft and Publish Your Memoir

Written by Brenda Peterson and Sarah Jane Freymann

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