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How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?

The Story of Food

Written by Chris Butterworth
Illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti

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Everything You Need to Create Your Own Pop-Up Book

Written by Ruth Wickings
Illustrated by Frances Castle

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Cars on Mars

Roving the Red Planet

Written by Alexandra Siy

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Oscar and the Bird

A Book about Electricity

Written by Geoff Waring
Illustrated by Geoff Waring

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Crazy Concoctions

A Mad Scientist's Guide to Messy Mixtures

Written by Jordan D. Brown
Illustrated by Anthony Owsley

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Eat Your Science Homework

Recipes for Inquiring Minds

Written by Ann McCallum
Illustrated by Leeza Hernandez

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The Story of Silk

From Worm Spit to Woven Scarves

Written by Richard Sobol
Illustrated by Richard Sobol

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Oscar and the Snail

A Book About Things That We Use

Written by Geoff Waring
Illustrated by Geoff Waring

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This Is Rocket Science

True Stories of the Risk-taking Scientists who Figure Out Ways to Explore Beyond Earth

Written by Gloria Skurzynski

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