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It's Not the Stork!

A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends

Written by Robie H. Harris
Illustrated by Michael Emberley

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Every Young Woman's Battle

Guarding Your Mind, Heart, and Body in a Sex-Saturated World

Written by Shannon Ethridge and Stephen Arterburn

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For Young Women Only

What You Need to Know About How Guys Think

Written by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa A. Rice

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This Is Me

A Girl's Journal

Written by Julie Metzger, RN, MN
Illustrated by Brooke Weeber

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Authentic Beauty

The Shaping of a Set-Apart Young Woman

Written by Leslie Ludy

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Wheels of Change

How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom (With a Few Flat Tires Along the Way)

Written by Sue Macy

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World History Biographies: Hatshepsut

The Girl Who Became a Great Pharaoh

Written by Ellen Galford

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Heart and Soul

The Story of Florence Nightingale

Written by Gena K. Gorrell

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World History Biographies: Joan of Arc

The Teenager Who Saved her Nation

Written by Philip Wilkinson

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