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Mawson's Will

The Greatest Polar Survival Story Ever Written

Written by Lennard Bickel
Foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary

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The Ice Balloon

S. A. Andree and the Heroic Age of Arctic Exploration

Written by Alec Wilkinson

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Arctic Voices

Resistance at the Tipping Point

Written by Subhankar Banerjee

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The Ice Passage

A True Story of Ambition, Disaster, and Endurance in the Arctic Wilderness

Written by Brian Payton

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Trial by Ice

The True Story of Murder and Survival on the 1871 Polaris Expedition

Written by Richard Parry

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Scott of the Antarctic

A Biography

Written by David Crane

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Bernt Balchen

Polar Aviator

Written by Carroll V. Glines
Foreword by George L. Weiss

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South Pole

A Narrative History of the Exploration of Antarctica

Written by Anthony Brandt and Anthony Brandt

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Weird and Tragic Shores

The Story of Charles Francis Hall, Explorer

Written by Chauncey Loomis
Introduction by Andrea Barrett

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North Pole

A Narrative History

Edited by Anthony Brandt

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Book of Ice

Written by Paul D. Miller
Introduction by Brian Greene