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Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards

100 Common Birds of Eastern and Western North America

Written by David Allen Sibley

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Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games

Rules of All the Basic Games and Popular Variations

Written by Walter B. Gibson

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The Zombie Tarot

An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions

Written by Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham

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According to Hoyle

Official Rules of More Than 200 Popular Games of Skill and Chance With Expert Advice on Winning Play

Written by Richard L. Frey

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Simple Rules for Card Games

Instructions and Strategy for 20 Games

Written by Potter Style

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The Original Dog Tarot

Divine the Canine Mind!

Written by Heidi Schulman

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Thursday-Night Poker

How to Understand, Enjoy--and Win

Written by Peter O. Steiner

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Rise and Fly

Tall Tales and Mostly True Rules of Bid Whist

Written by Greg Morrison and Yanick Rice Lamb

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Secret Santa

A card game of competitive gift giving

Written by Duncan Molloy