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Knockout Knits

New Tricks for Scarves, Hats, Jewelry, and Other Accessories

Written by Laura Nelkin

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Knitting Reimagined

An Innovative Approach to Structure and Shape with 25 Breathtaking Projects

Written by Nicky Epstein

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Spectacular Nail Art

A Step-by-Step Guide to 35 Gorgeous Designs

Written by Larit Levy

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Convertible Crochet

Customizable Designs for Stylish Garments

Written by Doris Chan

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Dress Your Best

The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That's Right for Your Body

Written by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London

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Dye It, Wear It, Share It

Written by Shabd Simon-Alexander

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Once Upon a Knit

28 Grimm and Glamorous Fairy-Tale Projects

Written by Genevieve Miller

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Sewing in a Straight Line

Quick and Crafty Projects You Can Make by Simply Sewing Straight

Written by Brett Bara

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Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit

Using the Rub-off Technique to Re-create and Redesign Your Favorite Fashions

Written by Steffani Lincecum

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Stashbuster Knits

Tips, Tricks, and 21 Beautiful Projects for Using Your Favorite Leftover Yarn

Written by Melissa Leapman

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Sensational Scarfs

44 Great Ways to Turn a Scarf into a Fabulous Fashion Look

Written by Carol Straley

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I Spy DIY Style

Find Fashion You Love and Do It Yourself

Written by Jenni Radosevich

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Sew What You Love

The Easiest, Prettiest Projects Ever

Written by Tanya Whelan

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New Dress a Day

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Creating Fashion Dos from Thrift-Store Don'ts

Written by Marisa Lynch

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