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  • Mom and Me
  • Written by Marla Stewart Konrad
  • Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9780887768668
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Mom and Me

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Mom and Me Cover

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A picture book collaboration with World Vision that celebrates life the world over!

Mom and Me is an affectionate look at the many ways mothers and children relate to and rely upon each other. When nourishment, assistance, instruction, comfort, and special hugs are needed, Mom can offer them in special ways that only their children will ever know. The deep bond they share is beautifully depicted in these storytelling images.

This delightful series is the result of the collaboration between Tundra Books and World Vision Canada to bring an array of exceptional photos from around the world to very young children. Each book centers on a universal theme, familiar by its very nature, yet new due to faraway settings and ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic diversity. Each remarkable photo essay will foster discussion, observation, and many smiles as children compare and contrast their own experience to that of others. Watch for further books in this series.
Marla Stewart Konrad

About Marla Stewart Konrad

Marla Stewart Konrad - Mom and Me
Marla Stewart Konrad is a speechwriter and communications professional. Her career has taken her to Hong Kong, where she lived for two years, and to numerous countries in Asia and Africa. She is keenly interested in global issues and has a special concern for the well-being of children. She works with World Vision Canada and lives near Toronto with her family.
Teachers Guide

Teacher's Guide


Before Reading: Activating Prior Knowledge

Write the following suggested statements about family members on the board and ask students to complete the sentence starters orally:

My mom is proud of me when ______________________.
My dad comforts me by ___________________________.
My sister or brother helps me _______________________.
I know my grandparents love me because ______________.

Hide the title of the book Mom and Me and take a picture walk from cover to cover. Ask students what the book is about and what they think the title might be.

Ask students: Who takes care of you? What do they do for you? Do you take care of anyone or anything?

Mom and Me
Build vocabulary and clarify the concepts of proud, comfort, help, share and love. Ask students to show with facial expressions or mimed actions what each of the above looks like, or what a person can do to show it.

Read the book out loud to students, using the questions below to prompt discussion about the photos. See list of photo credits in “Appendix A: Mom and Me Photo Credits” (page 8).

1. Describe what is happening in this photo.
2. How are the people in this photo feeling? How do you know?
3. What do you think happened before this photo was taken?
4. What might have happened after this photo was taken?
5. How does this photo make you feel? Does it remind you of anything?
6. Did you see anything in the photos that surprised you? That you would like to know more about?
7. Whose voice is telling the story of Mom and Me?

After Reading: Inferencing
Ask students to choose two or three of their favourite photos and invite them to discuss what they know about the cultures depicted. What clues in the picture help reveal where these children live (e.g. clothing, appearance, environment)?

Suggested Mom and Me Art Activity: Grades 4 to 6
Get students to research mother and child figures depicted in artwork on the Internet or in books (see link below). Look for similarities between great works of art and the photos in Mom and Me. Suggest why mothers with children are a universal subject matter for artists. Have students create a three-dimensional sculpture of a mother and child figure using found objects and recycled materials. They can reproduce a famous work of art, depict a photo from Mom and Me, or create an original scene.

The following link provides famous examples of mother and child figures in painting and sculpture from throughout history and different cultures.

Mother and Child Figures: The Metropolitan Museum of Art http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hi/hi_fimo.htm

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