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  • What To Do When Your Therapist Isn't There
  • Written by Nina Danielson, MSW
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781578262267
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What To Do When Your Therapist Isn't There

A 24/7 Guide to Coping With Life on Your Own

Written by Nina Danielson, MSWAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Nina Danielson, MSW

What To Do When Your Therapist Isn't There Cover

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Synopsis|Table of Contents


You Can’t Live in Your Therapist’s Office

If you’ve ever wandered through the self-help section of a bookstore and wondered whether you need the textbook on codependence or the treatise on self-esteem, the encyclopedia on anxiety or the reference on grief – and you certainly don’t have time to read them all – then this book is for you. In our fast-paced reality-TV talk-show world, it seems everyone’s got issues. Do you have the tools to deal most effectively with yours?

Whether your therapist is away, can’t be reached by phone, or you’re simply not in therapy at the moment, this is the guide that tells you What To Do When Your Therapist Isn’t There. A sensitive and intelligent, yet humorous and practical introduction to everyday psychological issues, the book can help you:
• break out of self-defeating patterns
• stop getting stuck in dysfunctional relationships
• gain deeper insight into how to deal with your depression, traumatic life experiences, or fears of intimacy

Find out why you do what you do, and feel what you feel – and how you can better cope. On almost every page, you will find examples that you can readily relate to and simple tools that are relevant and useful to you.

What To Do When Your Therapist Isn’t There brings together all the information you need to break through your mental blocks and master your emotional life in a readable and user-friendly guide. Learn to take charge of your life in and out of your therapist’s office.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Prologue: If I Believe in Therapy, Why Write a Self-Help Book?

Chapter 1: I Can Do It Myself
I don’t want to take medication for depression, anxiety, ADD, etc.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Psyche
A peanut butter sandwich

Chapter 3: Quick! Get the Plunger!
Overflowing anxiety: The origin of obsessions, compulsions and addictions

Chapter 4: The Knight in Shining Armor
Am I really being defensive?

Chapter 5: Abandon Ye All Hope
Why am I depressed?

Chapter 6: Am I Depressed or Am I Grieving?
What is the difference? It sucks either way!

Chapter 7: Letting Go
Experiencing “good grief” for our many losses

Chapter 8: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both of Us
The fight for self-esteem

Chapter 9: The Rotten Banana
The danger of seeing only the “good” in people

Chapter 10: The Most Misunderstood Emotion
I’m not angry, I’m just…well, anything but angry

Chapter 11: Sorry, Officer, I Didn’t See the Signal
Why do we ignore the danger signals?

Chapter 12: Growing Up on the Streets of Laredo
You need to learn how to protect yourself

Chapter 13: It’s the Same Old Story
Why do I repeat the same mistakes over and over?

Chapter 14: What Is Codependency Anyway?
I know I’m doing it, but I don’t really know what “it” is

Chapter 15: Float Like a Butterfly– Sting Like a Bee
Is it truly narcissism, or is it the self-centeredness of ADD?

Chapter 16: A Deer Caught in the Headlights (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
I know I’m an adult but sometimes I feel like a scared child

Chapter 17: If You Should Lose Me, Oh Yeah, You’ll Lose a Good Thing
Why should I give up my defenses and face my feelings?

Chapter 18: Emotional Intimacy– The Goal
If I never eat ice cream, I won’t have to feel the pain of what I’ve
missed all my life


Emergency Contact Sheet

Types of Therapists and Therapy

Paying for and Choosing a Therapist





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