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  • The Weirdness
  • Written by Jeremy P. Bushnell
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781612193151
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  • The Weirdness
  • Written by Jeremy P. Bushnell
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9781612193168
  • Our Price: $16.95
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The Weirdness

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A Novel

Written by Jeremy P. BushnellAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Jeremy P. Bushnell


List Price: $16.95


On Sale: March 04, 2014
Pages: | ISBN: 978-1-61219-316-8
Published by : Melville House Melville House
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"This book is wild. And smart. And hilarious. And weird ... in all kinds of good ways. Prepare to be weirded out. And to enjoy it."
—Charles Yu, author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

What do you do when you wake up hung over and late for work only to find a stranger on your couch? And what if that stranger turns out to be an Adversarial Manifestation—like Satan, say—who has brewed you a fresh cup of fair-trade coffee? And what if he offers you your life's goal of making the bestseller list if only you find his missing Lucky Cat and, you know, sign over your soul?

If you're Billy Ridgeway, you take the coffee.


“Wonderfully weird and entertaining.”

“An utterly charming, silly, and heartily entertaining coming-of-age story about a man-boy who learns to believe in himself by reckoning with evil… a welcome antidote to heavy-handed millennial fiction. Instead of trying to find profundity in party conversation or making his readers shudder in melancholy recognition of their thwarted lives, The Weirdness finds virtue in absurdity. Thank goodness — or darkness — for that.”
Boston Globe

“Arriving as a practitioner of such supernatural humor, loaded with brio, wit, and sophisticated jollity, like the literary godchild of Max Barry, Christopher Moore, and Will Self,  comes Jeremy Bushnell… An engaging reading experience.”
Paul Di Filippo, Barnes & Noble Review

Liberty Hardy (RiverRun Bookstore) picks The Weirdness as one of the Must-Read Books from Indie Presses in 2014 & the Best Book Cover of 2014, on Book Riot

“In many ways, this is an illuminating parable for these times… you’ll just wish you had more of this delightful novel still left to read.”
San Francisco Bay Guardian

“A whimsical approach… an aspiring author in New York who wakes one day to find that Satan has just brewed him a cup of fair-trade coffee — and has a little deal to discuss.”
Tampa Bay Times

“[The Weirdness] is immensely entertaining, and more than being merely diverting, is truly funny.”
Harvard Crimson

“The novel is truly a ’weird’ read, though unforgettable… An open-minded, modern reader will fully appreciate this bizarre and unusual work of fiction, the author’s first novel.”
Fairfield Mirror

One of “the week’s most exciting books”
Book Riot

“Absolutely, positively one of the most original takes on the nearing middle age, suffering male writer bit… Bushnell manages to turn this story on its head in what should be the most ridiculous novel you’ve ever read.”
The Picky Girl

“A comedic literary thriller situated between the world of Harry Potter and the Brooklyn of Jonathan Ames, Bushnell’s debut effectively mines well-trodden terrain to unearth some dark gems.”
Publishers Weekly

The Weirdness manages to soar beyond the potentially familiar tropes of urban fantasy with a strong sense of style and character… Bushnell’s debut novel is a clever, darkly satiric tale of the devil, literary Brooklyn and the human penchant for underachievement.”
Shelf Awareness

“This book is wild. And smart. And hilarious. And weird … in all kinds of good ways. Prepare to be weirded out. And to enjoy it.”
Charles Yu, author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

“Jeremy Bushnell has written an irreverent, chaotic, comically inventive novel that makes New York City look like the insane asylum some suspect it is. It steadfastly refuses to bore you, and by the end has something important to say about the way we dream.” 
—William Giraldi, author of Busy Monsters
Reader's Guide

About the Book

Reading Group Guide for The Weirdness

1. Where do the bananas in bodegas come from? Have you ever thought about something so long that it becomes strange, the way Billy thinks “people have pets”? What started to seem strange to you?

2. What did you think about the role of religion in The Weirdness? When you heard the line “What about God?” repeated, were you expecting God to make an appearance? Because Lucifer was the Judean-Christian version of the Devil, were you expecting a Judean-Christian God to appear?

3. Why do you think Elissa asks Billy, “What is the worst thing you ever did?” Do you think she wants to share her history with him because she realizes they share a connection? Or do you think she had other motives?

4. How did your perception of Lucifer change over the course of the story? If he had given you a convincing Powerpoint Presentation, do you think you would have signed on to help him?

5. What do you think Bingxin Ying meant when she told Denver that she admired her “commitment to immanentization of the ephemeral”? How do you think this phrase affects Billy in the moment she says it, and later in the book, when he tries to get closer to Denver?

6. On p. 128, were you surprised to find out that Laurent hadn’t read Billy’s work? How did it change your perception of Laurent and his crew?

7. On p. 135, do you believe Lucifer when he says Billy doesn’t want to go back to his old life? Did you expect Billy to choose the Devil’s side?

8. What do you imagine the warlock might do with the Neko of Infinite Equilibrium? Do you trust that Lucifer will do the right thing?

9. Billy is constantly slowed down by coffee, traffic, and other simple forms of conflict rarely represented in books. Did the story feel more realistic to you, based on these moments?

10. How did Billy change over the course of this story? Do you think Billy agreed to the right compromise—protecting Elissa and Jorgen by asking Lucifer to train new hell-wolves from the next generation?

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