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  • Brave Hearts
  • Written by Carolyn Hart
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781616147976
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  • Brave Hearts
  • Written by Carolyn Hart
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9781616147983
  • Our Price: $9.99
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Brave Hearts

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Written by Carolyn HartAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Carolyn Hart


List Price: $9.99


On Sale: August 13, 2013
Pages: | ISBN: 978-1-61614-798-3
Published by : Seventh Street Books Prometheus Books
Brave Hearts Cover

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A woman caught in a loveless marriage discovers love again in the midst of desolation. Romantic suspense amid the chaos of a world at war.

Catharine Cavanaugh is caught in a loveless marriage. Married to a British diplomat, she goes through the motions of playing the dutiful American wife in war- time London, while nightly German bombers bring terror and death to the city. Then she meets American war correspondent Jack Maguire and discovers hope and love again in the midst of desolation. But war soon comes between them. When Catharine and her husband are unexpectedly transferred to the Philippines, Jack follows. Shortly after their arrival, the Japanese attack. The trapped civilians, including Catharine and Jack, are forced into a harrowing adventure to escape the marauding Japanese army.

This taut page-turner vividly reveals how ordinary people can become heroes when forced to confront heart-rending decisions in almost impossible circumstances.


“The gifts that have made Carolyn Hart famous are on display in this story of intrigue, romance, and gritty danger. Brave Hearts is one of her most compelling novels. A true thriller.”
—Ed Gorman, author of the Sam McCain Mysteries

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Book Club Guide

Brave Hearts

1.     Is duty more important than love?
2.     Discuss your approval - or disapproval - of Catharine, Jack, Spencer and Peggy.
3.     Priscilla’s Redmond’s social mask is lost in the terror of a bombing raid. She cries out for what she never knew. If faced with sudden death, what would be your greatest regret?
4.     Spencer obsesses over the safety of the gold entrusted to him. Is this admirable? Or sad?
5.     The missionary wives draw away from Catharine. Their disapproval is understandable. If they knew the entirety of Catharine and Spencer’s reality, might they feel differently?
6.     Why is it important to remember the Blitz and the fall of Corregidor and Bataan?
7.     Catharine helps Spencer on the sheer mountain trail. What does this illustrate?
8.     On Bataan, Jack realizes: Love was the only reality in life. Do you agree?
9.     The battling bastards of Bataan - no Momma, no Poppa, no Uncle Sam - knew they were doomed but they kept on fighting. Londoners during the Blitz kept to their usual routine. The only reference to bombing victims in death notices was the notation: Died suddenly . . . What does this tell us about national character?
10.  Is Catharine an honorable woman?
11.  How will Catharine remember Spencer?
12.  Most decent people do the best they can. Imperfect and sometimes unwise, they make decisions that have profound impact on the lives of others. Consider how decisions by Catharine, Jack, Spencer and Peggy change the course of others’ lives.    
Carolyn Hart | 9781616147976  | TR | 8/13/2013 | IN | $13.95 $15.00
Prometheus Books; Seventh Street Books

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