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  • Plastic Donuts
  • Written by Jeff Anderson
  • Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781601425287
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  • Plastic Donuts
  • Written by Jeff Anderson
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9781601425294
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Plastic Donuts

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Giving That Delights the Heart of the Father

Written by Jeff AndersonAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Jeff Anderson


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On Sale: May 21, 2013
Pages: 128 | ISBN: 978-1-60142-529-4
Published by : Multnomah Books Religion/Business/Forum
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Once you see your gifts from God’s perspective, your giving will never be the same.
When she was a toddler, Jeff Anderson’s daughter opened his eyes to how delighted God is with our gifts. She brought him a plastic donut from her play kitchen, and he was surprised by the intensity of his reaction. His delight in receiving this simple gift—and his daughter’s joy in giving it—led him to dig deeper. Anderson would not rest until he found the scriptural connection between our gifts and God’s heart. 

Plastic Donuts removes the awkwardness and uncertainty that often accompany discussions about giving. Now you can think differently-and biblically-about what and how you give.  

Your gifts can capture God’s attention and connect you more intimately with His heart. Plastic Donuts brings everyone—leaders and followers, teachers and learners—onto the same page.



Plastic Donuts. They’re everywhere, but few things are more misunderstood. When they do come up in conversation, it feels awkward, even confusing. It’s like something’s missing.

Did you know the first murder in recorded history followed some hard feelings between two brothers over Plastic Donuts? That could explain why we hear so many dos and don’ts centered on the subject. The problem is, the rules contradict one another. That’s a real tragedy for all of us, because these simple Donuts can bring such joy and delight to the heart of God.

They show up in the stories of some of the biggest events in history. A man named Noah gave them after being stranded on an ark. God responded with a rainbow in the sky.

Another man, named Solomon, gave some Donuts, and God visited him in a dream.

A fellow named Cornelius gave them and received a visit from an angel.

Make no mistake. This is important stuff.

I’m Jeff Anderson, and I’ll start by sharing a story about a Plastic Donut that was given to me. It was a gift that changed me forever.

For years I had been trying to understand more about giving, and more about God. I had wrestled with the issues, debated, stayed up late to study, even lost sleep. I was given a Plastic Donut just in time, and it opened my eyes to giving from God’s perspective.

If you’ll stick with me (it’s a short book, right?), I trust you’ll enjoy the experience. I hope you will learn new things about God. And I hope you will look deeply into yourself—where you will be reminded of the power of a Father’s love and the power of your gifts.

With all the different messages spelling out the rules of giving, wouldn’t it be great to finally get some clarity and peace about this issue? I’ll make you a promise. When you start to see giving from God’s perspective, the lights will come on. You’ll see that you really can feel good about your gifts.

And it gets back to a Plastic Donut. A simple, easily dismissed token of love holds the secret to getting your mind and your heart on the same page. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for?


I’m not a professional fund-raiser, and this isn’t a book about pressure or guilt. Rather it’s a message about the
power of gifts, the way we give, and who we give to. The Plastic Donut can open your eyes to God in a way that clears up questions and dispels anxiety. What you’ll experience brings enormous freedom. You’ll feel the weight of uncertainty being lifted from your shoulders, and you’ll be challenged by what you learn about your gifts.

Some of the ways we’ve been encouraged to give are weak, but some of the ways we’ve convinced ourselves not to give are also questionable. Fair enough?

I was in my twenties when I first heard teachings about money in church. I recall hearing that we should spend less than we earn, avoid debt, and give 10 percent to the church. But there was a problem.

I had lived out these principles since childhood. My parents taught me about tithing. I enjoyed calculating my tithe because I enjoyed counting my money. And I learned to manage my spending and avoid debt mainly because I craved cash more than stuff. I was doing the “right” things. Still, something was missing. I had a growing sense of financial peace, but spiritual peace about giving was lacking.

Was there more to pleasing God with my money than having a budget and a clean tithing record? This question sparked a hunger in me to understand how God views giving and how my giving could actually get His attention.

We’ve all heard sermons and read statistics about the meager rate of giving, even among churchgoers. Yes, greed and materialism are real forces in our lives. But don’t you think that deep down inside Christians have a desire to give?

Still, the mixed messages we hear on the subject can be frustrating. The appeals, demands, and “answers” will continue to bombard us. There must be a better way.

That’s where the Plastic Donut comes in.
Jeff Anderson

About Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson - Plastic Donuts
JEFF ANDERSON speaks and writes about walking with God, with an approach to discipleship that combines Scripture and story. Jeff began his career as a CPA for a Big Six accounting firm, then became a day trader in the stock market. Following that, he joined Crown Financial Ministries as vice-president for North America Generosity Initiatives. The author of Plastic Donuts, Jeff is a speaker and writer and consults with churches and ministries. He lives in Tulsa with his wife, Stephanie, and their four children.

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