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  • Awaken Your Genius
  • Written by Carolyn Elliott
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781583946558
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  • Awaken Your Genius
  • Written by Carolyn Elliott
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9781583946565
  • Our Price: $14.95
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Awaken Your Genius

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A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams

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List Price: $14.95


On Sale: September 17, 2013
Pages: 208 | ISBN: 978-1-58394-656-5
Published by : EVOLVER EDITIONS North Atlantic Books
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Do you have a nagging suspicion that you're not living up to your creative potential? Do you feel hindered by the deeply embedded programming of social conformity and core limiting beliefs? Most of all, are you ready to shed those shackles and unleash the raging genius deep inside? In Awaken Your Genius, author Carolyn Elliott helps you do just that with a seven-step course that shows you how to live at your fullest creative potential and make manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

In Step 1, Hearing the Heart's Call, you'll learn how to determine your true passions and create a vision for yourself at your most fully realized best. Step 2, Accepting the Call, helps you turn that vision into a commitment. Step 3, Meeting the Guide, opens the door to dialoguing with your inner mentor--the subconscious part of yourself that knows what's missing and how to get it. Step 4, Crossing the Threshold, shows you how to let go of socially programed conformity and venture into your own personal imaginative dreamscape. Step 5, Enduring Trials, gives you tools and tips on navigating the inevitable obstacles that arise when doing this kind of transformational work. Step 6, Becoming Divine, shows you how to tune in to your most expansive, unconditionally loving self, which in turn gives you the power to manifest your dreams and inspire those around you. Step 7, Taming Your Genius, shows you how to negotiate with your newfound genius--a mighty power to be reckoned with--so that it gets sustenance without becoming disruptive. Each step comes with excellent explanations of the powers at work, as well as assignments (called "experiments") and check-ins to make sure you're keeping up with the previous steps.

If you're ready to unleash your inner genius and take your life by storm, Awaken Your Genius will put you on the path, give you the tools you need, and keep you sustained, inspired, and supported along the way. If you're serious about cultivating your most imaginative, fearless, intuitive self, don't miss this book.


“The epoch of the suffering genius is finally at an end—and a new culture of enlightened pleasure and personal abundance awaits those with the courage to shed old patterns and embrace a new myth. Carolyn Elliott's book reverses old stereotypes to propose a path for artists and inspired misfits to find joy through their gifts.”
—Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

“Reading Awaken Your Genius is like taking communion with a bohemian brain set on fire. It’s a great treasure and will no doubt become a trendsetter for future spiritual treatises on creativity and the arts.”
—Adam Elenbaas, founder of Nightlight Astrology and author of Fisher of Men

"What massive, leaden lid keeps your creative genius blocked and locked in your habitual mind?  This book describes a seven-step journey to unleash the outrageous birds and coiled dragons of creativity. It is practical—filled with contemplative care for the sensitivity of our hearts, and comes from the author’s real experience. Awaken Your Genius is fearless in asking us to look at our own complicity in hiding from the shocking power of our innate brilliance. Our world needs more poetry at the edges of things, and this book invites imagination to see that the sleeping giant of creativity is already awake."
—Acharya Adam Lobel M.Div, Harvard Divinity School, Shambhala
"Carolyn Elliott uses humor, wisdom, and poetry to guide each of us to our own bright genius. This is a smart, spirited book."
—Terrance Hayes, author of Lighthead and winner of the 2010 National Book Award for Poetry

“Carolyn Elliott shows us that each one of us has the opportunity to heal, transform, and evolve consciousness. Awaken Your Genius overflows with soulful, substantive methods for doing just that.”
—Brian Browne Walker, author and translator of the I Ching, Tao te Ching, Hua hu Ching, and Art of War

“In a voice that might remind you of a spritely Jane Austen, Elliott guides her reader on a nimble journey where she illuminates with insight, logic, and love the path toward awakening your genius. It’s a spiritual quest aided in the romantic ideals of truth and beauty, where wisdom and whimsy merge as Elliot guides us on the path toward hearing our own heart’s call, revealing in the process, the reality of a wisdom-deficient world, while simultaneously leading us on the hero’s journey of creativity, innocence and love.”
—Robin Gunkel, writer, regional coordinator for Evolver Baltimore, and graduate of the Jack Kerouc School of Disembodied Poetics

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