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  • Are You "Normal"?
  • Written by Mark Shulman
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781426308376
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Are You "Normal"?

More Than 100 Questions That Will Test Your Weirdness

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Are You Normal? Cover

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Can you rub your belly and pat your head? Do you like pepperoni on your pizza? Are you normal? In the spirit of National Geographic Kids popular Weird But True series, the author has pulled out all the stops breaking down the facts on our silliest secrets. Did you know about twenty percent of 10-year-old kids probably still suck their thumbs and about two thirds can roll their tongues? This engaging book, full of colorful and witty illustrations, delivers a light-hearted approach to our most silly and sensitive traits. Perfect for tweens grappling with the transition into their teenage years, this book celebrates individuality and is a great reminder that “normal” is relative!


Where do you bite the chocolate bunny first?
Hear this: Over half eat the ears first.
Fluffy fact: 1 in 25 tastes the tail first
Hop to it: 1 in 25 feasts on the feet first
Who cares? 1 out of 3 just grabs, bites, and chews.
If food that’s new makes you say P.U., well what do you do?
A third of the kids would prefer to pass it off to a dog, cat, hamster, or little sister.
Almost a third will happily dive right in.
A quarter of the kids will try a little bite, but no promises!
And 1 in 6 kids will play magician, take a napkin, and make the offending food disappear.
Pizza! Pizza! How do you like your slice?
4 in 10 say hot and cheesy in really pleasing!
Another 4 in 10 say pepperoni gives them pep!
With the works works for fewer than 1 in 10 kids.
Something else? That’s just not normal! Fewer than 1 in 10 eat it your way.
Do you cut up or wind your spaghetti?
In the great debate between winding and cutting, the winders win.
82% of kids give their spaghetti a spin.
15% of kids give it the knife.
And a few—3%—say they don’t eat the stuff at all. Does that include macaroni?
How’s that peanut butter? Smooth or chunky?
Just over half of you spread the smooth.
Just over a quarter of the kids cheer for chunky.
The rest of the kids won’t go near the stuff. That’s 1 in 5 for tuna fish.
It’s not peanut butter without…
42% think jelly is your jam.
27% chock one up for chocolate.
16% go ape for bananas.
15% know fluff is the stuff.
Apple! Orange! Tomato! Oh my! What’s your favorite juice?
Apple is your core juice: 41%
Orange juice is your main squeeze: 40%
Find grapefruit juice appealing: 9%
Tomato is great-o: 6%
None, thanks!: 4%
Do you usually eat good-for-you-food?
Just over half say, “Smart sometimes, but mmm that junk food . . .”
1 in 4 says, “Me eat healthy. Me strong!”
About 1 in 6 says, “I eat like PacMan, but not nearly as well.”
Almost 1 in 20 says, “Only when grownups are watching.”
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving leftover?
It’s a leftover tie between turkey and pie! (45%)
Craving carbs? 4% of you feast on rolls.
3% stuff stuffing.
One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely not normal to crave cranberries (1%)...
…gobble gravy (1%)….
…or beg for veggies (1%).
Which ice cream flavor makes you melt?
Vanilla (29.0%)
Chocolate            (8.9%)
Butter Pecan (5.3%)
Strawberry (5.3%)
Neapolitan (4.2%)
Chocolate Chip (3.9%)
French Vanilla (3.8%)
Cookies & Cream (3.6%)
Vanilla Fudge Ripple (2.6%)
Praline Pecan (1.7%)
Cherry (1.6%)
Chocolate Almond (1.6%)
Coffee (1.6%)
Rocky Road (1.5%)
Chocolate Marshmallow (1.3%)
Something else (24.1%)

  • Are You "Normal"? by Mark Shulman
  • October 11, 2011
  • National Geographic Children's Books
  • $12.95
  • 9781426308376

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