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  • Pink Boots and a Machete
  • Written by Mireya Mayor
    Foreword by Jane Goodall
  • Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781426207211
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  • Pink Boots and a Machete
  • Written by Mireya Mayor
    Foreword by Jane Goodall
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9781426207426
  • Our Price: $26.00
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Pink Boots and a Machete

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My Journey From NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer

Written by Mireya MayorAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Mireya Mayor
Foreword by Jane GoodallAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Jane Goodall


List Price: $26.00


On Sale: March 01, 2011
Pages: 304 | ISBN: 978-1-4262-0742-6
Published by : National Geographic National Geographic Society
Pink Boots and a Machete Cover

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A quick examination of her roots, and one may never have guessed that Mireya Mayor would become the woman she is today. Yet, against all odds, this self-professed former "girly girl" daughter of overprotective Cuban immigrants blossomed from NFL cheerleader to Fulbright Scholar to field scientist and ultimately, quintessential adventurer. Now, with more than a decade's worth of thrilling exploits under her belt, Mayor recounts her life in a riveting, awe-inspiring new book.
In a series of short chapters, she relives each exhilarating event with uncanny charm and self-deprecating humor. Readers have the rare opportunity to follow the renowned primatologist around the globe as she unlocks the mysteries of the natural world and endeavors to save some of the planet's rarest creatures. Says Mayor: "I love the adventure, the exploration, the scientific discovery and the documentation. But really what drives me is the thought that future generations—my own children and their children—can one day learn to appreciate them like I do."
Throughout this unforgettable volume, she describes in stunning detail how she survived a plane crash...slept in jungles teeming with poisonous snakes...dove with hungry great white sharks...rappelled down a 14,000-foot sinkhole in search of frogs...draws blood from critically endangered lemurs...was charged by an angry silver-backed gorilla...was chased by elephants...and the list goes. Suffice it to say, Mireya Mayor has seen more in her 30-odd years than most of us will see in a lifetime. Her plucky spirit, brilliance in the face of calamity, and sheer will to succeed make this a classic mission book, and a thoroughly breathtaking read.


Deep in the heart of darkness in the lush rain forest of the Congo, the gorillas were dozing under the rays of morning sun that pierced the dense vegetation, exuding their infectious, albeit misleading, aura of calm. I, on the other hand, was swatting at sweat bees trying to make their way into my ears and up my nose. These bees are attracted to salt in human sweat, and although their sting is almost painless, their constant presence is a total pain in the butt.

Especially when one is trying to observe gorillas and share in their Zen-like state. Ironically, the more I waved my hands to get rid of the annoying creatures, the more I sweated and added to my appeal. By the dozens, they clustered on my arms and legs and dive-bombed into my eyes. What satisfaction it gave me to crush them. While digging a bee out of my eye, I heard a noise behind me. Like most primates, gorillas are usually heard before they are seen. Not having a mirror, I was using the lens of my camera to pick sweat bees out of my pupils. Suddenly, reflected behind me was a gorgeous, 400-pound silverback. As if responding to an inaudible command, the gorillas had stopped dozing and now surrounded me. This wasn’t good. The females let out a piercing shriek. There were only three of them, but it sounded like a dozen or more. Frozen, our guide whispered to me to cower and pretend to eat leaves. Why pretend? I ingested several. 

Evidently feeling threatened, the females prodded the silverback to charge. So like a husband, at first he pretended not to hear, but the females began running at us. Our only weapon a ballpoint pen, I quickly ate more leaves. The silverback joined in the charge. Just inches from us they all stopped and began furiously slapping the ground.


"Mireya is a charming, hilarious, and wonderful storyteller, and though she's been charged and chased by wild animals in exotic locales and survived illnesses that would've killed a lesser person, she is also one of us—keenly and savagely aware of the importance of good hair and lip gloss."—Julie Klam, best-selling author of You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness

"We don't often hear stories of NFL cheerleaders who go on to become a Fulbright Scholar and a Ph.D., but Mireya's story is exactly that and more. Pink Boots is the spirited and colorful story of a little Cuban-American girl who refused to let culture and others' expectations of her hold her back. Her passion for the sciences and her adventurous spirit are deeply inspiring and incredibly invigorating. Mireya is beauty and brains personified--and a badass at that. It is a memoir of survival."—Lisa Ling, journalist and best-selling author of Somewhere Inside

Mayor never gave up her trademark stylishness, even when the going got tough. [Her] gutsy grittiness and wicked sense of humor allowed her to survive danger, disease and sexism. Entertaining reading for the intrepid at heart."—KIRKUS REVIEWS
"Written in a breezy style that will be welcome to reality television aficionados, this National Geographic Wild co-host knows her audience and has crafted an appealing memoir that will be particularly welcome to outdoor wannabes."—BOOKLIST
"[Pink Boots] fills an important gap; it ought to inspire young people, especially young women, to follow in Mayor’s footsteps. Armchair adventurers and readers interested in nature will enjoy the journey."—LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Pink Boots and a Machete is an empowering autobiography detailing how one humble, tree-climbing, bug-collecting tomboy evolved into one of the most recognizable primatologists and television adventurers on the planet. Mireya Mayor holds nothing back—from growing up in a family displaced by political oppression, to finding fame on the sidelines of professional football fields, to her triumphs and challenges in some of the most remote places on earth. You'll be amazed at Mayor's fertile sense of humor, her brutal honesty, and and her empowering message that anyone can achieve. Can we have it all? Apparently yes, with some perseverance, determination, and attitude, it seems that we really can. If you're female, you'll want to be just like her. If you're a guy ... you'll just want her. Regardless, this is the rare autobiography that carries the true voice of its author, and should not be missed."—HERALD de PARIS 

“Engrossing.” –The Midwest Book Review

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