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  • The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders
  • Written by Susan Magsamen
  • Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781426307157
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  • The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders
  • Written by Susan Magsamen
  • Format: Hardcover Library Binding | ISBN: 9781426307263
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The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders

Favorite Adventures, Stories, Poems, and Songs for Making Lasting Memories

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The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders Cover

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This rich and nostalgic book of wonders is a collection of art, literature, and activities custom-made for the family bookshelf. It is broken into five sections that illuminate a child’s world and interests—Magic and Make-Believe, Outdoor Exploring, Crafts and Construction, Yummy for the Tummy, and Bedtime, Bathtime, and Dreamtime. Children and parents will share together time as they read poetry selections, nursery rhymes, and more at bedtime, pull out the book on a rainy day for instantly accessible activities, or simply browse and savor the lovely art at any time. Childhood Wonders is a unique and lasting gift for kids, families, and new parents and grandparents.


From the book The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders by Susan H. Magsamen
Make a Hideout
There are lots of ways to make a secret place inside and outside. Here are some ideas for making both!
Inside Hideout Ideas
1. The place under the dining room or kitchen table is perfect. So is a basement or attic. Another great place is under your bed or in your closet. Search around and find a perfect location for your hideout.
2. Grab some blankets, sheets or beach towels.
3. Drape the blankets over a table or chairs to create a “tent” roof and walls. Secure them with heavy books. Make a door to get in and out of.
4. Bring inside all the stuff you need. You might want a flashlight, snacks, a soft pillow, books, paper, markers, and music.
5.Let the time fly. Maybe even invite a friend for a visit.
Want More Fun? Build a Hideout Outside!
Forts can be built out of all kinds of things like cardboard boxes, logs, sticks, piles of leaves—you name it.
1. Scope out the perfect place. What about in a tree, under a bush, behind
a shed or garage?
2. Think about how you will build it and begin to make your hideout.
What about making a window to the sky for stargazing?
3. Put your supplies inside. A sleeping bag is a nice addition for this home away from home.
Climb inside and enjoy. Don’t forget to tell your folks where you are!
Author Q&A

Author Q&A

Q&A with Susan H. Magsamen about The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders
-How can families use this book to grow closer? 
  Every page is filled with ideas to inspire and engage families.  From making funny faces to bedtime stories, from catching fireflies to kitchen concoctions, Childhood Wonders is an endless resource for busy families.  Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, this book has a special way of making the most of any moment. 
-Why did you think it was important to write a book like The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders
We live in such a busy and challenging world.  As parents we want so much for our children and sometimes we over plan and over schedule.  I wanted to create a book that was timeless.  Literally, that when you looked at a picture, read a poem or sang a song you lost track of time.  That the activities filled the air with endless curiosity and discovery where you forgot to watch the time.  And in the end,  that the time we have with our children and the time they have with us provides fun, playful experiences that last a lifetime.  I really believe that how we play is who we become.  This book is the combination of so many family stories, favorite activities, literature and more.  Also, everything in this book is free.  All you need is to add yourself.  In these times, I wanted to create something that was an instant classic and a timeless resource.  Finally, I was very interested in making the science of play visible in very simple ways for families.  The 6Cs are a great way to help families understand the learning behind play. 
-Why is it important to share songs, stories, nursery rhymes with your children?
As we all know, reading to and with your child significantly enhances their learning.  There is interesting research that shows the number and tone of words spoken to a child not only influencing literacy but also in social and emotional development and memory.  Our favorite songs, stories and nursery rhymes help a child develop their own special cultural history.  They intertwine with all of the experiences we give provide to create a rich environment to grow.  Through our auditory senses music reaches deep to help create lasting memories.  Stories and poetry are filled with symbols and metaphors to make connections.  And we can revisit these meaningful words again and again. 
-What really amazed you as a child?
Everything amazed me and it still does.  I am a very curious person.  I loved to wonder in woods behind our house.  I would pretend I was an explorer.  I loved riding horses and going as fast as I could up a hill on my pony named Sonny.  I loved the smell of my mothers chocolate chip cookies.  My grandmother told stories about growing up on the Eastern Shore.  She was mesmerizing as she talked about strawberry picking.   And I was always amazed by shooting stars.
-What are two or three of your very favorite activities both now and as a child?
Catching fireflies,  day dreaming, climbing trees.
-What is your best advice to parents with small children?
If you take care of the moments the years will take care of themselves

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