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  • Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi and Meditation
  • Written by Bruce Frantzis
    Narrated by Bruce Frantzis
  • Format: Compact Disc | ISBN: 9781556438424
  • Our Price: $25.00
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Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi and Meditation

Audio Editions


Published by: North Atlantic Books

On Sale: November 24, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-55643-842-4
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Synopsis|Table of Contents
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Breathing can transform your life and make you a healthier, more relaxed human being. Dr. Bruce Frantzis has developed a Longevity Breathing program from traditional Taoist breathing methods to help you improve lung capacity, massage your internal organs, and relax your nerves with each breath.

Progression of 24 Sessions
Bruce Frantzis leads you through a progression of 24 sessions that help you extend the length of your breath and fully bring oxygen to the back and sides of your lungs, areas rarely engaged by shallow breathers.

CD-1 teaches you to feel your breath and avoid holding your breath. Next, you learn how to inhale into different parts of your body to strengthen and massage your internal organs and spine. In CD-2, Dr. Frantzis takes you further by teaching you how to lengthen your breath. Taoist breathing techniques enable you to become aware of your emotions and deepen your meditative focus.

This CD set is a companion to the breathing lessons in the TAO Meditation series: Relaxing into Your Being, The Great Stillness and TAO of Letting Go.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 Feeling Your Breath
Lesson 2 Learning to Avoid Holding Your Breath
Lesson 3 Becoming Aware of Distraction
Lesson 4 Breathing Along the Central Channel of Your Body
Lesson 5 Breathing Down the Central Channel to Your Lower Tantien
Lesson 6 Stabilizing the Breath and Energy of Your Lower Tantien
Lesson 7 Letting Your Breathing Drop From Your Chest to Your Belly
Lesson 8 Breathing from the Sides of Your Body
Lesson 9 Simultaneously Breathing from the Front and Sides
Lesson 10 Lower Back and Kidney Breathing
Lesson 11 Upper Back Breathing
Lesson 12 Breathing Energy Into Your Lower Tantien

Lesson 1 Relaxing Your Breath
Lesson 2 Feeling Your Breath
Lesson 3 Counting Your Breaths
Lesson 4 Feeling All Sensations When You Inhale and Exhale
Lesson 5 Developing Continuous Awareness of Your Breath
Lesson 6 Becoming Aware of the Fog of the Mind
Lesson 7 The Importance of Releasing the Chest
Lesson 8 Breathing Underneath the Ribs and Awareness of Emotions
Lesson 9 Becoming Further Aware of Your Emotions
Lesson 10 Fear and the Kidneys
Lesson 11 The Upper Body and the Spine
Lesson 12 Activating all Energies in the Physical and Etheric Body


“Frantzis' insight into the heart of these ancient meditation techniques can make the understanding of these precious teachings easily accessible to the mind of the Western seeker.”
—Namkhai Norbu, Tibetan Dzogchen Master and retired professor, Oriental Institute of the University of Naples, Italy; author of The Crystal and The Way of Light

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