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  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
  • Written by Prima Games
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9780307465726
  • Our Price: $24.99
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Prima Official Game Guide

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Cover

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• This official, 720-page book has everything you'll need to take on the latest Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game: all aspects are covered so you don't miss a thing!
• We guide you through the game with our walkthroughs, with explanations of all you need to know to explore the wide variety of dungeons!
• Includes a detailed Pokémon list covering all the facts about the 490+ Pokémon in this game, including gender, Egg Moves, and IQ Skills!
• You can soar in the clouds, but eventually you'll need this guide to help you discover all of this extraordinary game!
• Cover illustration by Ken Sugimori

Table of Contents

Explorers of Sky Complete World Map
Become a Pokémon and launch into a dungeon adventure!
Main Story Walkthrough Chart
Complete dungeon list
Explorers of Sky seed knowledge 1
Explorers of Sky reference guide (complete)
Post-ending reference guide:
1 What kind of adventures await me post-ending?
2 What's changed in the town shops and services?
3 What's different about dungeon explorations after Guild graduation?
4 What about jobs you can only do post-ending?
5 How to recruit more different Pokémon?
6 Tell me how to evolve Pokémon!
7 What kinds of new items are there?
8 What kind of place is Shaymin Village?
Quick Manual:
Exploration Teams
Useful lists:
Ability list
Tactics list
IQ Skill list
Trouble status list
Trap list
Explorers of Sky seed knowledge 2
Pre-ending dungeon walkthrough
How to read the pre-ending main story walkthrough
1 Beach Cave
2 Drenched Bluff
3 Mt. Bristle
4 Waterfall Cave
5 Apple Woods
6 Side Path
7 Craggy Coast
8 Rock Path
9 Mt. Horn
10 Forest Path
11 Foggy Forest
12-1 Steam Cave
12-2 Upper Steam Cave
13 Serenity River
14 Landslide Cave
15 Lush Prairie
16 Tiny Meadow
17 Oran Forest
18-1 Amp Plains
18-2 Far Amp Plains
19 Northern Desert
20-1 Quicksand Cave
20-2 Quicksand Pit
21 Crystal Cave
22 Crystal Crossing
23 Chasm Cave
24 Dark Hill
25-1 Sealed Ruin
25-2 Deep Sealed Ruin
26 Dusk Forest
27 Deep Dusk Forest
28 Treeshroud Forest
29-1 Brine Cave
29-2 Lower Brine Cave
30-1 Hidden Land
30-2 Hidden Highland
31-1 Temporal Tower
31-2 Temporal Spire
Team Poképals friendship chronicles
Post-ending dungeon walkthrough
How to read the post-ending main story walkthrough
Post-ending story overview 1
32 Mystifying Forest
33 Sky Peak
Post-ending story overview 2
34 Blizzard Island
35-1 Crevice Cave
35-2 Crevice Cave Pit
36 Surrounded Sea
37-1 Miracle Sea
37-2 Deep Miracle Sea
38 Aegis Cave
39 Concealed Ruins
Post-ending story overview 3
40 Mt. Travail
41 The Nightmare
42-1 Spacial Rift
42-2 Deep Spacial Rift
43-1 Dark Crater
43-2 Deep Dark Crater
44 Marine Resort
45 Lake Afar
46 Happy Outlook
47 Mt. Mistral
48 Shimmer Hill
49 Lost Wilderness
50 Midnight Forest
51 Labyrinth Cave
52 Bottomless Sea
53 Shimmer Desert
54 Mt. Avalanche
55 Giant Volcano
56 World Abyss
57 Sky Stairway
58 Mystery Jungle
59 Star Cave
60 Oblivion Forest
61 Treacherous Waters
62 Southeastern Islands
63 Inferno Cave
64 Zero Isle North
65 Zero Isle East
66 Zero Isle West
67 Zero Isle South
68 Zero Isle Center
69 Destiny Tower
Marowak Dojo: Road to complete mastery
EX Final maze
Team Poképals friendship chronicles
Explorers of Sky seed knowledge 3
Special Episodes walkthrough
How Special Episodes Work
Special Episode-1 Bidoof's Wish
S1-1 Star Cave
Special Episode-2 Igglybuff the Prodigy
S2-1 Murky Forest
S2-2 Eastern Cave
S2-3 Fortune Ravine
Special Episode-3 Today's "Oh My Gosh"
S3-1 Spring Cave
Special Episode-4 Here Comes Team Charm!
S4-1 Southern Jungle
S4-2 Boulder Quarry
S4-3 Right Cave Path
S4-4 Left Cave Path
S4-5 Limestone Cavern
Special Episode-5 In the Future of Darkness
S5-1 Barren Valley
S5-2 Dark Wasteland
S5-3 Temporal Tower
S5-4 Dusk Forest
S5-5 Spacial Cliffs
S5-6 Dark Ice Mountain
S5-7 Icicle Forest
S5-8 Vast Ice Mountain
Special Episode adventure chronicles
Item perfect data
Item data list
Pokémon & move perfect data
1 Pokémon data list
2 Boss Pokémon data
3 Pokémon with different forms
4 Move data list
About type match-ups
Alphabetical Pokémon List
Special appendix 1: Techniques seminar
Special appendix 2: Secret info exposé

Table of Contents

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is back, and this time the mysteries of Time and Darkness take on a whole new dimension, as you brave fiery lava, spelunk watery caves, and scour grassy savannahs! Not as a fearless human Trainer … but as a Pokémon that can talk and communicate with other Pokémon!
Prima Games

About Prima Games

Prima Games - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Prima Games authors are experts in the field of gaming strategy and have authored bestselling titles like Halo, The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, Madden NFL, Sims, and many more.
Reader's Guide

About the Book

The Complete Dungeon Reference Guide shows you what's different about this game versus the other Pokémon adventures and gives the inside scoop on how everything works; you'll enter the world of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fully prepared. There's also a quick list reference section so you have vital information at your fingertips.
The Pre-Ending main Dungeon Walkthrough provides detailed guides to the dungeons in the main story before the ending. There are Pokémon distribution lists for each dungeon to help you find all the Pokémon in each area, along with obtainable item charts that list all the items you can find.
Your adventure isn't over after you finish the story! The Post-Ending Dungeon Walkthrough section goes through all the new, even tougher dungeons! There are Pokémon distribution lists for each dungeon to help you find all the Pokémon in each area, and there are even more this time around! Pokémon Data shows you the level and important stats of the Pokémon you can.
The Special Episode Walkthrough section of the guide details the path for each of these five adventures, separate from the main adventure, with more Pokémon distribution lists for each, helping you make sure you know what Pokémon you can encounter, and where!
Item Data gives you complete charts for every item in the game, telling you what Pokémon can use each item and what the item does!
The Pokémon & Moves Data section is where you can find more easy-to-use Pokémon data on each of the over 490 Pokémon in the game. Every Pokémon is listed with moves, how to defeat information, and many other important stats!

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky by Prima Games
  • October 12, 2009
  • Games - Video & Electronic
  • Prima Games
  • $24.99
  • 9780307465726

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