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  • Reiki for Spiritual Healing
  • Written by Brett Bevell
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781580911948
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  • Reiki for Spiritual Healing
  • Written by Brett Bevell
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9780307768582
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Reiki for Spiritual Healing

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On Sale: January 05, 2011
Pages: 176 | ISBN: 978-0-307-76858-2
Published by : Crossing Press Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony
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A Doorway to Spiritual Awakening In this groundbreaking guide, Reiki Master Brett Bevell reveals how to focus the energy of Reiki—traditionally used for healing the body—toward healing the spirit. By showing how to work with the Higher Self to send Reiki treatments across many lifetimes, Bevell provides the tools for clearing karmic and spiritual blocks at the moment they were created. Through the introduction of new Reiki symbols and techniques for forgiveness, accessing the angelic realm, and more, seekers will be able to take ownership of their connection to the Divine and engage in real change in their lives.


1: The Reiki Stairway to Heaven A Reiki energy transmission has been sent to all who read this chapter. As you read, Reiki is being sent to you to further cleanse your system and take you deeper into a space of communion with the Divine. Reiki is a form of Divine energy healing. The word Reiki literally translates from Japanese as "Universal Life Force." This system of healing was discovered around the turn of the previous century by a Japanese mystic named Mikao Usui, who lived from 1865 to 1926. Since its discovery, Reiki has grown to be perhaps the world's most popular form of energetic healing, and yet the deeper potential for Reiki as a system of spiritual awakening has, in many ways, remained untapped. The Five Principles There is written evidence that Mikao Usui was interested in Reiki as a path not only for healing but also for spiritual awakening. In his teachings, he offered five principles of Reiki that embody an awakened spiritual point of view for being and living in the world. Though translations of these principles can be found in numerous books and on many websites, each with its own interpretation of the principles, all of the translations express the importance of a daily practice of transcending anger, letting go of worry, expressing gratitude, honoring all life, and living and working with integrity. Following is my own interpretation of the many available translations of Usui's Five Principles of Reiki:  Just for today, I forgive all sources of anger. Just for today, I release all worry. Just for today, I live with gratitude. Just for today, I am kind to all living things. Just for today, I am honest in all that I do.  As these principles show, the original goal of Reiki was not just physical or emotional healing; it was meant to guide a person who wishes to follow a spiritual path. Many Reiki Masters still teach Usui's Five Principles, but too often that is where the spiritual aspect of the Reiki teaching ends. It is my belief that Usui's Reiki principles actually point to the possibility of how deeply Reiki can impact and change our lives: that Reiki can, in fact, be a doorway to spiritual awakening, to realizing that place of no separation between you and the Divine, and that Divine essence that is in all things. Unfortunately, until recently there have been few specific Reiki techniques that actually address the deep karmic issues that prevent us from fully living Usui's Five Principles of Reiki. These issues occur because we are too lost in the consciousness of separation to keep our hearts open; Reiki can be used to heal those spiritual issues and open our lives to the Divine.  Reiki Training Throughout 2007, I was shown new Reiki techniques that allow Usui's original spiritual intent for Reiki to be realized. The new Reiki empowerments and techniques laid out in this book are not intended as a Reiki certification program, nor as a replacement for proven Reiki healing techniques. The empowerments and techniques here are supplemental to the Reiki system and allow both the layperson and the trained Reiki practitioner to use Reiki as a path to spiritual awakening. Though this book does provide some wonderful new Reiki tools that can be adapted for personal healing, my goal in writing this book is to reclaim Reiki as a path for spiritual awakening. Those wishing to learn more about Reiki for the purpose of physical or emotional healing should either get professional Reiki training from a certified Reiki Master or read my previous book, The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement, which will allow you to attune yourself to all levels of Reiki, including the Master level. For those reading this book who are untrained in the Reiki system and who simply seek a path to spiritual awakening, you should find it easy to read and use this work without the knowledge of the many symbols, hand positions, and degrees of Reiki that are necessary when using Reiki as a healing system. I have found that, as important as such things are to Reiki as a healing system, they can be bypassed when using Reiki as a system of spiritual awakening. And for those who are already trained in Reiki, please know that the techniques in this book are not intended to replace or challenge your own training as a Reiki healer but simply to offer new techniques for using Reiki as a path to spiritual awakening.  Working with the Higher Self Most of the techniques in this book expand on the new paradigm within the Reiki lineage of working collaboratively with the Higher Self. When working with the Higher Self, you can send multiple Reiki treatments across many lifetimes simultaneously. Also, Reiki at the level of the Higher Self becomes more malleable and can be shaped into wonderful energy devices, such as Reiki Halos, Reiki Pyramids, and Reiki Holograms. These energy devices help to facilitate intensive karmic release, which can lead to spiritual awakening. It is also possible with these Higher Self techniques to use Reiki as though it were a small laser. I call this energy device a Reiki Cord, and it can be created and infused across the time line of your many lives in order to clear away karmic debris at the moment it was created.  Open Yourself to New Views Numerous tools are offered in the following chapters, and the one theme underlying all of them is that Reiki is a far more expansive system than was previously known. And if you embrace that expanded point of view, many things become possible, even the awakening of that veil of Maya within your own energy system that holds you in a consciousness of separation from the Divine. Once that veil is awakened, the individual melts back into the awareness that all things are One. It is with that intention of helping individuals melt back into the One that these new Reiki techniques have arisen. It is my hope that these new tools will be taken for what they are: not a replacement for traditional methods of Reiki healing, but an open door into a new world, a magical world where Reiki is a path to spiritual awakening.  The First Empowerment: Stepping on the Reiki Stairway to Heaven A Reiki energy transmission has been sent to all who read this chapter. As you read, Reiki is being sent to you to further awaken your system and take you deeper into a space of communion with the Divine. Awakening is when you empty from the dream that has held  your consciousness hostage and open your eyes to what truly is. The mad fibers of the imagination no longer rule your psyche, and your emotions are no longer ruled by the illusory world of the phantoms created by your own mind. Most of humanity is existing in a dream, a dream that either says Divinity does not exist or that the Divine is something separate from us. Such a dream leads to a separation consciousness, a consciousness that says we are impermanent and fleeting, at times giving us the sense that life itself has no meaning.  Spiritual Awakening When you awaken spiritually, you see that the Divine is in everything, including yourself. As you deepen into that awareness of your own Divinity, that eternal presence within you, you see and feel that presence in all things. It is one eternal presence. The Divine presence is an eternal laugh emanating from all creation, a laughter that exists within you and engulfs everything around you. It is the laughter of the Divine, amused at its own eternal game of hide-and-seek with itself. On some level, awakening spiritually is nothing more than playing peekaboo with God and learning how to see God everywhere, including—and perhaps most importantly—within yourself. Many paths can lead to spiritual awakening. In recent human history, some of the more direct paths have come to us as bands of heavenly light that emanate directly from the Divine. These bands of light are Deeksha, Reiki, and other energy systems, and they can help us to awaken from the dream that we are separate from the Divine.  Understanding the Dream of Separation I believe that the dream of separation is the primary source of most human suffering. Only when we come to live the ancient Sanskrit adage Tat tvam asi, which translates as "That otherness is myself," will we begin to reap the harvest from the concepts that constitute our society, such as personal freedom, abundance, and the pursuit of happiness, concepts that come more from a Western social perspective based on individuality as opposed to Oneness. When you recognize that the part of you that is eternal and infinite exists in another, you are less likely to feel afraid of that other or feel alone. The same is true on the larger scale: when we as a species come to realize that our fellow creatures on this Earth are extensions of ourselves, then we will begin to treat the planet with infinitely more respect than we did in the twentieth century. To begin our journey as a species toward awakening, it is important that we first embrace the unifying energy that binds us all together. We are all from the same One, no matter what name you give it. Jesus implied as much when he said to treat others as you would treat yourself. The Buddhist text the Diamond Sutra refers to it as seeing all existence as part of the universal diamond. Many religions make mention of this concept that, in truth, there is no separation and there is no hierarchy in receiving the blessings of Heaven. In Judaism, one of the great prayers is "Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is One." In other words, if the Lord is One, there is no two, no three, no four, nothing other than the Oneness that is God. Understanding this intellectually is not so difficult. Even science says that all the universe comes from One, a single event called the Big Bang.  Empowering All That We Are with Divine Energy There is a deep difference between understanding something intellectually and understanding something within your body, your psyche, and your spirit. My work as an energy healer has taught me that energy work enters the cells of the physical body, enters the emotional body, and enters the subconscious. Energy work helps to release karmic conditioning, which can keep a person blinded to the truth that we are all part of God and Goddess, the Great Divine, that we are nothing other than a portion of Divine Consciousness that has chosen to forget itself as Divine for the purpose of playing a game called life. Let us begin our journey toward awakening with the series of empowerments I call the Reiki Stairway to Heaven. Once this series of empowerments is complete, you will have the tools necessary to begin the path of your own spiritual awakening. These empowerments are new to the Reiki lineage, so they may be unfamiliar to those already trained as Reiki healers. However, the doorway that opens when you receive this series of empowerments leads to a path of spiritual awakening. Please note that these empowerments should not be engaged in all at once. Instead, they should be spread out over a period of weeks or, in some cases, even longer. Reiki is a wonderful spiritual tool, but these empowerments could be overwhelming if you were to receive all of them simultaneously or even within the same week. This is because with each Reiki empowerment, your entire energy system will be changed forever, raising your vibration to a higher level. And each time your vibration changes, changes will occur in your life. Therefore, please use a steady and cautious pace when engaging the Reiki empowerments.  The First Empowerment The first empowerment in this process is for both your physical form and your Higher Self. The spiritual aspect of the empowerment makes it unique and offers you the ability to transcend Reiki as simply a healing modality and use Reiki instead as a tool for spiritual awakening. The empowerment itself is sent via a Reiki chant to all who willingly say the chant with the intent of being empowered with the Reiki energy. When you are ready to receive the Reiki empowerment, I recommend that you first take a bath with a pinch of sea salt. This cleanses your aura and also symbolizes your rebirth into a new paradigm of setting out on a journey of spiritual awakening. Afterward, I recommend lighting a white candle to Mikao Usui and those beings who have brought the gift of Reiki to humanity. Do this just prior to saying the chant.  The Energy Exchange Traditionally, Reiki also requires an exchange of energy. Usually, that would mean paying money or bartering with the Reiki Master who is empowering you with the Reiki energy. But in this case, because I am not taking from my personal time to teach each individual who asks to receive a Reiki empowerment from this book, I recommend that you offer at least three hours of your time and energy to a worthy cause for each level of Reiki empowerment you receive from this book. You could volunteer for a charity, or you could use your Reiki skills to benefit a friend, humanity, or the planet as a whole. A technique on how to use Reiki in this manner is in the following chapter. Once you have meditated on what your offering back to the greater good should be, please commit to that Reiki energy exchange. My experience is that those who try to bypass this important exchange even-tually do not reap the full benefits of their new Reiki gifts. It is not that they will not be empowered with Reiki, but that they will not spiritually own the power of this new gift and thus will be less likely to use it with wisdom and clarity for their own spiritual evolution toward awakening.  Preparing for and Activating the First Empowerment Having decided what your exchange will be, take the sea salt bath. Afterward, dress yourself in a manner that suits the occasion. This is an important ceremony. And make sure that you light a white candle to honor the Reiki lineage, including Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, as part of this sacred ceremony. Once you have made all the necessary preparations, ask to receive the first of the Reiki empowerments by saying the following:  Blessed are those who have brought us Reiki Blessed are those who continue this sacred light I and my Higher Self ask for the first empowerment of Reiki Blessings unto all Blessings unto me  While saying the chant, you may feel lightheaded. Or you may feel love surrounding you as the empowerment merges with your energy system. Or you may feel little or even nothing at all. People's experiences of the empowerment vary. It is important, however, to treat this time as sacred and offer yourself the quiet time to melt in with this new loving energy that will be with you for the rest of your life. You might want to take a walk in the woods or do something special for yourself on this wonderful day. Whatever you decide to do, know that the changes that come with this new energy gift are life altering. You have taken a giant and eternal step forward on your path of spiritual awakening.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments . . . viii
Introduction . . . 1
 1 The Reiki Stairway to Heaven . . . 3
 2 The First Empowerment: Stepping on the Reiki Stairway to Heaven . . . 7
 3 The Step of Daily Reiki Treatments for Spiritual Awakening . . . 12
 4 The Second Empowerment: Stepping It Up . . . 16
 5 Lifting Up Your Mind on the Reiki Stairway to Heaven . . . 18
 6 The Third Empowerment: Leaping Up the Stairway . . . 22
 7 Rising Up from the Place of Your Soul . . . 24
 8 Stepping into Infinity with the Universal Reiki Healing Grid . . . 29
 9 The Universal Reiki Integration Grid, the Handrail of the Stairway . . . 32
 10 Escalating Awakening with the Universal Omega Reiki Grid . . . 35
 11 Stepping into Forgiveness . . . 38
12 Stepping beyond Your Karma with Lotus Reiki . . . 47
13 Advanced Reiki Treatments for Spiritual Awakening . . . 51
14 Stepping into the Reiki of Divine Consciousness . . . 57
15 Climbing into Awakening with Reiki Holograms . . . 61
16 Lifting Yourself into Higher Consciousness with Reiki Halos . . . 71
17 Stepping into Energetic Alignment with Reiki Pyramids . . . 75
18 Walking Up the Stairway with God via Reiki Healing Emanation . . . 79
19 Stepping into the Magic of the Divine with Reiki Magical Devices . . . 83
20 Ascending into the Power of Rune Reiki . . . 93
21 Dancing across the Cosmic Rainbow with Reiki Color Grids . . . 106
22 Stepping into the Sacred with Reiki Prayers and Reiki Mantras . . . 117
23 Accessing the Luminous Realm of Angels through Reiki Portals . . . 124
24 Raising Your Consciousness with Elemental Reiki . . . 129
25 Climbing with the Avatars Using Reiki Tree Magic . . . 136
26 Stepping into Oneness through the Alchemy of Reiki . . . 139
27 The Group Reiki Treatment . . . 143
28 Reiki Energy Koans . . . 145
29 Eighth-Dimensional Reiki . . . 153
30 Awakening to the Divine Child . . . 156
Bibliography . . . 161
Web Resources . . . 162
Index . . . 163
Brett Bevell

About Brett Bevell

Brett Bevell - Reiki for Spiritual Healing
Brett Bevell is a Reiki Master who teaches at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York and the Sanctuary Resort in Thailand. The author of The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement, his work has appeared on NPR's All Things Considered. He lives in Rhinebeck, New York.


In Reiki for Spiritual Healing, Brett Bevell crosses the boundaries of time, reaching beyond Reiki "the modality" to reveal the true meaning of healing. This guide is for those seeking to heal and to be healed. Each carefully chosen word acts like a vibrational tuning fork, weaving a matrix of light on every page, inspiring the awakening soul to return to wholeness. —Elizabeth Harper, author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart's Desires  Brett Bevell's book enables healers and lay folk alike to reach ecstatic states of consciousness through innovative energetic healing techniques and an expanded relationship with the Divine. —Alex and Allyson Grey, visionary artists  Brett Bevell outlines simple methods for utilizing the Universal Life Force Energy as a tool for spiritual awakening. Honoring Reiki's origins within Tibetan Buddhism, with its goal of promoting wakefulness, Reiki for Spiritual Healing offers powerful practices that can enlighten, as well as heal.    —Llyn Roberts, author of The Good Remembering and Shamanic Reiki

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