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  • Tyrannosaurus Math
  • Written by Michelle Markel
    Illustrated by Doug Cushman
  • Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781582462820
  • Our Price: $15.99
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Tyrannosaurus Math

Written by Michelle MarkelAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Michelle Markel
Illustrated by Doug CushmanAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Doug Cushman

Tyrannosaurus Math Cover

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Who can add an entire herd of triceratops, multiply the legs of a group of ankylosaurs, and estimate the distance to the next tasty meal?


He's a number-crunching dinosaur who chews on math problems as easily as he thunders through the trees. When his little sister is in terrible danger, T-Math even saves the day by using his measurable math skills. Is there anything he can't figure?


One muggy morning, a dinosaur burst from his shell.

"My, what big claws I have!" he marveled, as he counted his fingers. "And what big toes I've got!" He counted those too. Then he added his fingers and toes together, making a number sentence.

"Go figure!" his mother cried, and she named him Tyrannosaurus Math.


Crack! Crack! Out popped two tyrannosaurus brothers.
Crack! Crack! Crack! Out popped three tyrannosaurus sisters.
"Hmm, that's me, plus two, plus three," he thought, and reckoned how many kids were in his family.

Michelle Markel|Doug Cushman|Author Q&A

About Michelle Markel

Michelle Markel - Tyrannosaurus Math
MICHELLE MARKEL, the author of five children's books, has also written for national newspapers and taught in elementary schools. Michelle lives near Los Angeles.

About Doug Cushman

Doug Cushman - Tyrannosaurus Math
DOUG CUSHMAN, a Northern Californian now living in Paris, has written and/or illustrated more than one hundred children's books. In high school, Doug created comic books lampooning his teachers, and he sold them to classmates for five cents a piece.

Author Q&A

1.What was your inspiration for writing this book?
No one I know enjoys word problems. It’s hard to get excited about determining how many squares of fabric you can cut from a certain length of cloth, or how long the shadow of a flagpole will be at 3 o’clock. Who cares? On the other hand, everyone loves a story with a scary bad guy. Why a Tyrannosaurus? I’ve always been a fan of T-Rex and harbored a secret desire to write a story about him. I can’t help myself. He’s a ferocious carnivore, but that oversized toppling head and those stubby arms are ridiculous, and endearing. Scary dinosaur + fun word problems = Tyrannosaurus Math

2.Who is your favorite author?
William Steig. Love the poetic language, love the wit, love the villains (a dapper fox who likes to eat mice with a dry white wine?) and the sweet messages…not to mention the charming illustrations. I worship at his altar.

3.Do you have any unusual or special family traditions?
When my family (I have two daughters in college) visits my parents, we play Beyond Balderdash. It’s a game where you have to make up your own loglines for movies, definitions for weird words, and names of organizations that go with acronyms. If the other players guess your phony answers, you get a point. I play to win, but it’s just as fun to lose…and be fooled by my kids or my 86 year old parents.

4.What was your favorite book when you were a child?
Madeline. Plucky character, fun rhymes, luminous illustrations. Madeline made such an impression on me that I became a French major in college and studied abroad in France. I remember one night looking up at a gorgeous sunset over the Champs Elysees and thinking, this is just like out of Madeline. That’s the power of children’s books.

5.If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
I’ve always felt an affinity with lizards. We both like to lounge around in the sun. I’d love to be all muscle, and sinuous, and have a cool diamond shape pattern on my skin. Plus if my tail were injured, I could regenerate a new one. That’s a superpower, animal-wise. It would be fun to dart. I generally don’t move that swiftly. The only downside would be eating crickets or other bugs,which give me the creeps. Yecch.

Praise | Awards


Markel’s engaging story has just the right blend of math concepts, dinosaur info, and silly humor, and Cushman’s textured acrylics reinforce the math and add to the amusement factor. A final page describes the different math skills applied throughout the book.—The Horn Book Review


WINNER Cooperative Children's Book Center Choices

  • Tyrannosaurus Math by Michelle Markel
  • August 11, 2009
  • Humor; Mathematics - Arithmetic
  • Tricycle Press
  • $15.99
  • 9781582462820

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