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Profiles in Murder

An FBI Legend Dissects Killers and Their Crimes

Written by Russell VorpagelAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Russell Vorpagel
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Foreword by Ann RuleAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Ann Rule

Profiles in Murder Cover

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A victim is stabbed nineteen times but left in a peaceful, resting position. Was her killer a raging psychotic, or as timid as she was?

In a charred house a partially clothed woman is found in her bed with a pornographic magazine and a mirror. Did she die in the fire -- or at a sex killer's hands?

Before it was immortalized in The Silence of the Lambs, the FBI Behavioral Science Profiling Unit was pioneered by Russell Vorpagel. Now the legendary profiler takes you into the most intriguing cases of his career -- actual cases of serial killings, sex crimes, celebrity murders, and hostage takings.

Showing how profiling turns the chaos and blood of a crime scene into a psychological snapshot of a suspect -- his age, his personality, even the model car he drives -- Vorpagel illuminates the twisted minds of the most vicious criminals of our time.

From the vampire murderer Richard Trenton Case -- who consumed the blood of his victims -- to Vorpagel's own duel with an assassin on the island of St. Croix, Profiles in Murder is the chilling real-life story of the human monsters who share our streets -- and the men and women who hunt them down.
Russell Vorpagel|Ann Rule

About Russell Vorpagel

Russell Vorpagel - Profiles in Murder
Russell Vorpagel, during thirty-two years of law enforcement, has become a legend at the FBI. He, along with Robert Ressler and others, helped put the FBI Behavioral Science Profiling Unit on the map -- the psychological profiling unit immortalized in The Silence of the Lambs.

He has served as a special agent in Quantico, New York, Detroit, Sacramento, Baltimore, and Monterey. Featured on CBS's 60 Minutes, he has trained FBI personnel around the world and has taught courses in law enforcement to local and federal officers in thirty states.

He is currently a consultant and expert witness in criminal cases for his students, law enforcement, and prosecutors. He resides with his wife, Nancy, in Loomis, California.

Joseph Harrington has been writing full-time since 1986. He lives with his wife, Lorraine, and family in the Mother Lode country of northern California.

About Ann Rule

Ann Rule - Profiles in Murder
Ann Rule has drawn on her experience as a former policewoman to become one of America’s top true-crime writers. The author of over 1,000 articles and numerous books, she has lectured widely to law-enforcement schools and agencies. She has also serves as a consultant to the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VI-CAP), which is used to track and apprehend violent criminals. Her bestselling books, Lust Killer, The Want-Ad Killer, The I-5 Killer, and Small Sacrifices, are available in Signet editions.


Praise for Profiles in Murder:

"Russ Vorpagel was a legend in the FBI. This book is about that legend. It is as exciting as the man himself. Here is the art of profiling -- the psychological autopsy of a murder -- laid out before you like a series of FBI reports. I invite you to join the most intriguing account of profiling you are ever likely to read."
-- Robert Ressler, author of Whoever Fights Monsters

"I am seldom shocked. I was shocked by Russ Vorpagel's seminar....This book will show you ... real cases that will shock you with their depravity, their cruelty, so be prepared. You will learn more about the actual art of profiling than you hoped for. Vorpagel's instructive techniques are mesmerizing. This is not a television or movie detective who is teaching you; he is the real thing."
-- Ann Rule, author of The Stranger Beside Me and Bitter Harvest

"A frank, no-holds-barred chronicle of violence and death in all its brutally shocking, graphic details. Russell Vorpagel delivers his message with astonishing candor... He gives a clear, penetrating glimpse into the minds of sick, depraved, deranged killers involved in serial murders, sexual crimes, and celebrity violence."
-- Frank M. Jordan, Former Mayor and Chief of Police, City and County of San Francisco

"This is rip-roaring biography that reads like fiction."
-- Booklist

"This book is real....You will ask yourself, 'Where is this going?' at the same time you will find yourself unable to set it down. For years to come you will find this book in the offices of homicide investigators and prosecuting attorneys throughout the world in death investigations. This investigating tool is long overdue."
-- J. Fred Bowman, Former Chairman, Criminology Department, Yuba Community College

  • Profiles in Murder by Russell Vorpagel
  • January 09, 2001
  • True Crime - Murder; True Crime
  • Dell
  • $7.99
  • 9780440235521

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