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Tao Te Ching

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Written by Lao TsuAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Lao Tsu
Translated by Gia-Fu FengAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Gia-Fu Feng, Jane EnglishAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Jane English and Toinette LippeAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Toinette Lippe
Introduction by Jacob NeedlemanAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Jacob Needleman


List Price: $11.99


On Sale: January 04, 2012
Pages: 144 | ISBN: 978-0-307-74544-6
Published by : Vintage Knopf
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For nearly two generations, this translation of the Tao Te Ching has been the standard for those seeking access to the wisdom of Taoist thought. Now Jane English and her long-time editor, Toinette Lippe, have refreshed and revised the translation, so that it more faithfully reflects the Classical Chinese in which it was first written, while taking into account changes in our own language and eliminating any lingering infelicities. This beautiful oversized edition features over a hundred new photographs by Jane English that help express the vast spirit of the Tao. Also included is an introduction by the well-known writer and scholar of philosophy and comparative religion, Jacob Needleman.
Lao Tsu’s philosophy is simple: Accept what is in front of you without wanting the situation to be other than it is. Study the natural order of things and work with it rather than against it, for to try to change what is only sets up resistance. Nature provides everything without requiring payment or thanks. It does so without discrimination. So let us present the same face to everyone and treat them all as equals, however they may behave. If we watch carefully, we will see that work proceeds more quickly and easily if we stop "trying," if we stop putting in so much extra effort, if we stop looking for results. In the clarity of a still and open mind, truth will be reflected. Te—which may be translated as "virtue" or "strength"—lies always in Tao meaning "the way" or "natural law." In other words: Simply be.



The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things. Ever desireless, one can see the mystery. Ever desiring, one can see the manifestations. These two spring from the same source but differ in name; This appears as darkness. Darkness within darkness. The gate to all mystery.


Under heaven all can see beauty as beauty only because there is ugliness. All can know good as good only because there is evil. Therefore having and not having arise together; Difficult and easy complement each other; Long and short contrast each other; High and low rest upon each other; Voice and sound harmonize each other; Front and back follow each other. Therefore the wise go about doing nothing, teaching -no--talking. The ten thousand things rise and fall without cease, Creating, yet not possessing, Working, yet not taking credit. Work is done, then forgotten. Therefore it lasts forever.


Not exalting the gifted prevents quarreling. Not collecting treasures prevents stealing. Not seeing desirable things prevents confusion of the heart. The wise therefore rule by emptying hearts and stuffing bellies, By weakening ambitions and strengthening bones. If people lack knowledge and desire, Then it is best not to interfere. If nothing is done, then all will be well.


The Tao is an empty vessel; it is used, but never filled. Oh, unfathomable source of ten thousand things! Blunt the sharpness, Untangle the knot, Soften the glare, Merge with dust. Oh, hidden deep but ever present! I do not know from whence it comes. It is the forefather of the ancestors.


Heaven and earth are impartial; They see the ten thousand things as they are. The wise are impartial; They see the people as they are. The space between heaven and earth is like a bellows. The shape changes but not the form; The more it moves, the more it yields. More words count less. Hold fast to the center.
Toinette Lippe|Jacob Needleman

About Toinette Lippe

Toinette Lippe - Tao Te Ching
Born in London, Toinette Lippe has had a long and distinguished career in publishing at Simon & Schuster and Alfred A. Knopf. In 1989 she founded Bell Tower, where she has published fifty-five books.

About Jacob Needleman

Jacob Needleman - Tao Te Ching
Jacob Needleman is professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University. He is the author of many bestselling books, including, most recently, A Little Book on Love.


"No one has done better in conveying Lao Tsu's simple and laconic style of writing, so as to produce an English version almost as suggestive of the many meanings intended. This is a most useful, as well as beautiful, volume—and what it has to say is exactly what the world, in its present state, needs to hear." —Alan Watts

  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu Trans: Gia-fu Feng & Jane English with Toinette Lippe; Intro: Jacob Needleman
  • November 01, 2011
  • Religion - Eastern; Religion - Taoism
  • Vintage
  • $22.00
  • 9780307949301

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