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  • Fourth Grade Spelling Success (Sylvan Workbooks)
  • Written by Sylvan Learning
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9780375430046
  • Our Price: $12.99
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Fourth Grade Spelling Success (Sylvan Workbooks)

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Fourth Grade Spelling Success (Sylvan Workbooks) Cover

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Synopsis|Table of Contents


A solid foundation in spelling not only prepares fourth-graders for academic success – it makes them stronger readers. The teacher-reviewed, curriculum-based activities and exercises in this workbook will help your children catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Best of all, they’ll have lots of fun doing it! Some of the great features you’ll find inside are:

Fun games help kids create new words by adding prefi xes and then finding those words in a word search.

Fill-in-the-blank exercises teach word roots by breaking down words into syllables.

Charts and activities show how adding suffi xes can create new words.

Crossword puzzles review topics such as homophones (i.e: 5. Down: to welcome or receive Answer: accept).


Reinforce concepts and build confidence as kids check their own work.

Give your child’s grades and confidence a boost with 4th Grade Spelling Success.

Why Sylvan Products Work

Sylvan Learning Workbooks won a Honors Award from the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) as a top book series for children in the elementary-aged category. The NAPPA is the nation’s most comprehensive awards program for children’s products and parenting resources, and has been critically reviewing products since 1990. The Award recognizes Sylvan Learning Workbooks as some of the most innovative and useful products geared to parents.

Sylvan's proven system inspires kids to learn and has helped children nationwide catch up, keep up, and get ahead in school. Sylvan has been a trusted partner for parents for thirty years, and has based their supplemental education success on programs developed through a focus on the highest educational standards and detailed research.  Sylvan’s line of educational products equips families with fun, effective, and grade-appropriate learning tools.  Our workbooks and learning kits feature activities, stories, and games to reinforce the skills children need to develop and achieve their academic potential.  Students will reap the rewards of improved confidence and a newfound love of learning.

Table of Contents

1) Prefixes ............1
2) NOT Prefixes ............7
3) More Prefixes ............13
4) Prefixes Everywhere! ............19
5) Multiprefixed! ............25
- Review ............31

6) Meet the Suffixes ............35
7) Total Suffixment! ............41
8) Is it Suffixable? ............47
9) Highly Suffixous ............53
10) The Last Suffixes ............59
- Review ............65

11) What’s a Root? ............69
12) More about Roots ............75
13) Even More Roots! ............81
14) Roots: The Final Chapter ............87
- Review ............93

15) Homophones ............97
16) Harder Homophones ............103
17) Word Challenge ............109
- Review ............115

- Index: Spelling Words
Sylvan Learning

About Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning - Fourth Grade Spelling Success (Sylvan Workbooks)
Random House, Inc. has partnered with Sylvan Learning to create Workbooks and Learning Kits to help young students catch up, keep up, and get ahead with schoolwork. Sylvan has thirty years of experience and nearly 1,200 centers throughout North America, and their proven process and personalized methods have helped more than two million students unlock their academic potential. All of the Sylvan Learning products are based on solid and scientific research, educational industry best practices, and common sense. Their dedication to quality education and commitment to helping children and their families discover a love of learning are evident in every product.

Turning children into great learners relies on high educational standards and meaningful parental involvement. With each small success, students feel increasing confidence. With increasing confidence, they build even more success. It’s a perfect cycle. Our new products use a systematic, age- and grade-appropriate approach that fosters independence and confidence. They lay out a true roadmap to help kids achieve their academic potential.

Sylvan has been a proven and trusted partner for parents for thirty years, and our books and learning kits will transform unique kids into uniquely inspired learners with the skills to do better in school and the confidence to do better in everything else.


"If you are looking for some good, fun, learning books for your child, I definitely recommend the Sylvan Learning series." -thedadjam.com

"Samantha loves these books because to her, they are not school work. They are fun activities. But really she is learning, and doing the same work she does at school."
"Since I was beginning homeschooling and looking for a good 'workbook' type system for my child to learn from aside from our other homeschool activities, I decided to try it out. My son loves the workbooks." –thedomesticdiva.com

"The activities are FUN and our son doesn't realize that while he's having fun he's also learning and reinforcing what he's learned." -Shescribes.com

"My daughter has picked up some great study habits and she loves that we don't spend hours on one subject. I recommend these workbooks to everyone homeschooler or not, as they can really add to your child's learning experience." -Thedirtyshirt.com

"I love how each activity in a section connects to eachother, which allows the child to really grasp the concepts. The pages are full of interesting stories and fun activities. The workbooks also make it easy for kids to check their own work which will help them gain confidence in their skills." -Melissaclee.com

"As an early childhood teacher, I know that good reading, vocabulary, and spelling skills make an essential foundation for both academic success as well as lifelong learning.  Sylvan Learning Workbooks & Learning Kits are an awesome resource that I'd have no problem recommending to the paretns of any of my students who are struggling.  The teacher-reviewed, curriculum-based activities and exercises in these books are great for helping a child achieve success with reading, provided that they're worked through with a loving and patient adult." - TheOpinionatedParent.com

  • Fourth Grade Spelling Success (Sylvan Workbooks) by Sylvan Learning
  • January 06, 2009
  • Language Arts - Spelling
  • Sylvan Learning Publishing
  • $12.99
  • 9780375430046

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