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  • A Guide to the Star Wars Universe
  • Written by Bill Slavicsek
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9780345420664
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A Guide to the Star Wars Universe

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A Guide to the Star Wars Universe Cover

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How did Exar Kun nearly destroy Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy?  When did Han Solo first meet Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian? Where was Mara Jade when the Emperor died? What are the secrets of the terrible super weapons--the Death Stars, the Sun Crusher, and the World Devastators? What are the Qom Qae? How powerful is the Black Sun criminal organization?

Looking for facts about the characters, starships, weaponry, droids, alien species, and historic battles in the most amazing adventure of them all? From airspeeders to N-1 starfighters, Coruscant to Tatooine, Nom Anor to Leia Organa--you'll find the whole universe of Star Wars covered here:

¸  The original Star Wars trilogy movies
¸  The novels--from Star Wars to Vector Prime
¸  The animated TV series Droids and Ewoks
¸  National Public Radio dramatizations
¸  Young Adult novels
¸  The Star Wars comic-books
¸  Role-playing books
¸  Video games and CD-ROMs
. . . plus sourcebooks, storybooks, sketchbooks, portfolios, and more!

Featuring new material on Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace . . . the latest Star Wars series: The New Jedi Order . . . and the entire thrilling saga!



A-3DO (ThreeDee)

This multitalented service droid was in the service of Jedi Andur Sunrider
when Sunrider died at the hands of Great Bogga the Hutt's gang of
criminals. Programmed as a mechanic and pilot, A-3DO later served Andur's
wife, Nomi, while she trained to take her husband's place among the Jedi.

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

An Imperial starfighter that first saw action against New Republic forces
during the events that led to the return of the Emperor six years after
the Battle of Endor. It was designed as an answer to the Republic's A-wing
fighters, but has limited maneuverability and a weak hull. [DE, SWVG]

Aalun, Syron

One of three famous Gand ruetsavii, or observers, who were assigned to
Rogue Squadron pilot Ooryl Qrygg. They were sent to observe Qrygg's
activities and determine his worthiness to become janwuine, the highest
possible honor in the communal Gand society. In addition to watching
Qrygg, Aalun and the other ruetsavii served as pilots and undercover
operatives for the squadron. [BW]


Members of a reptilian species of skin-changers, they are able to change
the color of their pebbly textured skin to match their surroundings. The
Ylesian priests used Aar'aa to guard their spice-processing plants. [PS]


A Wookiee doll, named by its owner, young Jacen Solo. [CS]

A'baht, General Etahn

Commander of the New Republic's Fifth Fleet. A'baht led from aboard his
flagship, the fleet carrier Intrepid. His disregard for orders and the
defeat of the fleet at the Koornacht Cluster led Princess Leia Organa Solo
to relieve him of command and place the fleet under the authority of her
husband, Han Solo. [BTS]


This planet is home to the Irugian Rain Forest, where
one-hundred-meter-tall firethorn trees grow in a single grove. Prince
Xizor, leader of the Black Sun criminal organization, counted a
600-year-old dwarf firethorn tree among his most prized possessions. [SOTE]


An old Imperial slang word for the native inhabitants of a planet, often
used in a derogatory manner. [SME]


This manufacturing and trade-oriented planet within the Abregado star
system was part of the New Republic some five years after the Battle of
Endor. During the time of the Empire, the spaceport was considered on par
with the worst places in the Rim Territories. Since the birth of the New
Republic, the place has cleaned up its act. A bright, painfully clean
cityscape towers over its landing pits, but the wild air of all
spaceports, created by the mix of cultures and species, cannot be washed
from the place. A repressive bureaucracy that struggled to bring outlying
clans into line rules the world. [DFR, HE, HESB]

Abregado system

This planetary system is located in the Borderland Regions, a militarized
zone that separates the New Republic from the remnants of the Empire. A
vast manufacturing infrastructure links the system's planets, and the
goods produced there are vitally important to the New Republic. [HE, HESB]

Abrion sector

The location of the planet Ukio, one of the top-five food-producing worlds
in the New Republic. [LC]


A primitive and violent species that inhabits the planet Byss, located in
the binary star system of Byss and Abyss. Averaging about two meters tall,
each humanoid Abyssin has long limbs and a single eye in its forehead.

Academy, the

During the time of the Old Republic, this elite educational institution
produced highly trained personnel to fill posts in Exploration, Military,
and Merchant Services. Under the rule of the Emperor, the Academy slowly
turned into the training ground for Imperial officers, especially the
Raithal Academy in the Core region. All of its numerous campuses, spread
across the galaxy, had a reputation for a competitive selection process
and a rigorous curriculum. [ISB, SW, SWR]

acceleration compensator

This device provides artificial gravity and neutralizes the effects of
high-speed maneuvering for crew and cargo aboard space vessels. The
Millennium Falcon, for example, is equipped with such a device. [HSE]

acceleration straps

These passenger safety harnesses, usually built into seats, serve to
restrain passengers during takeoffs, landings, and adverse traveling
conditions. [SW]

Access Chute

This kilometers-long tunnel snakes through the decaying buildings and
docking towers of the spaceport moon Nar Shaddaa, leading to Shug Ninx's
repair facility. An advertising holoscreen hides the entrance to the
Chute. [DE]


See Emancipator.

Ackbar, Admiral

A respected and highly regarded member of the Mon Calamari species, Ackbar
overcame hardship and adversity to take a pivotal role in the Rebel
Alliance and later the New Republic. His public life began when he served
as the leader of Coral Depths City on the Mon Calamari homeworld. The
Empire attacked the watery planet and enslaved many of its citizens,
including Ackbar. He eventually became Grand Moff Tarkin's interpreter,
and while in the Imperial's service he heard about the Rebellion and
learned of a new superweapon. Ackbar made a study of Imperial tactics and
defenses while serving the grand moff. Rebel agents released him from
servitude during a failed attempt to assassinate Tarkin. Ackbar returned
to his homeworld and convinced the normally peaceful Mon Calamari to join
the Rebels, bringing a much-needed fleet of capital ships into the
Alliance arsenal.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the newly ranked Commander Ackbar
proposed a plan for dealing with Imperial escort frigates. He argued that
a specially designed starfighter was the Alliance's best hope--at least
until more funds became available or the number of Rebel capital ships
dramatically increased. With the aid of the Verpine, a renowned species of
shipbuilders, Ackbar developed the B-wing starfighter.

Ackbar then became one of Mon Mothma's two senior Rebel Alliance advisers.
He was promoted to admiral and helped develop the plans for the Alliance
surprise attack on the second Death Star battle station. He led the
assault from the bridge of his personal flagship during the Battle of
Endor. With the rise of the New Republic, Ackbar was named commander in
chief of Republic military operations. As a member of both the Provisional
Council and the ruling Inner Council, he helped forge the new galactic

During the events surrounding the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Ackbar
was falsely accused of embezzling New Republic funds thanks to fake
evidence planted by Thrawn. Ackbar was later cleared, through the efforts
of Luke Skywalker and his companions, and the Mon Calamari led the New
Republic fleet to victory over Thrawn's forces at the Bilbringi Shipyards.

A few days after Thrawn's defeat, survivors of the Emperor's ruling circle
and a handful of Imperial fleet commanders attacked and recaptured
Coruscant. Ackbar and other New Republic leaders planned a counterstrike,
and their forces regained Coruscant a few months later.

Later, on a diplomatic mission to Vortex, Ackbar's personal B-wing fighter
crashed into the Cathedral of Winds. This towering crystalline structure
was considered to be the world's greatest artistic treasure, and Ackbar
was once again accused of a serious crime. His chief mechanic was
discovered to have been an Imperial operative who had sabotaged the
B-wing, and Ackbar was cleared of any wrongdoing.

After he resumed his role in the New Republic, Ackbar returned to Vortex
to attend the ceremony dedicating the rebuilt Cathedral of Winds. Winter,
Princess Leia's aide, accompanied him on the trip, and the two developed a
close relationship. [DA, DE, DFR, DS, HE, LC, RJ, SFS, SWCG, SWSB]


Admiral Ackbar commanded this New Republic bulk space cruiser. Some
nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, the Adamant was attacked while
transporting a cargo of hyperdrive cores and turbolaser battery
emplacements to the Kuat Drive Yards. It was boarded and captured by
onetime Imperial TIE fighter pilot Qorl and his troops, who set the crew
adrift in escape pods and made off with the cruiser and its cargo. [YJK]


This New Republic escort cruiser visited the planet Nam Chorios. The ship
and its crew were lost when the Death Seed plague was unleashed on the
surrounding sector of space. [POT]


This star system located in the Outer Rim Territories was the site of an
important Jedi stronghold in ancient times. [DE]

Adegan crystals

These crystals were the types most commonly used in ancient times in the
construction of lightsabers. They spontaneously emit powerful bursts of
light and energy when resonant frequencies are transmitted through them.
These crystals are also known as Ilum crystals. [DE]


This former Imperial stronghold was the homeworld of Senator Meido. [NR]


One of two Imperial Star Destroyers captured by the Alliance during the
Battle of Endor, the Adjudicator was renamed the Liberator and placed
under the command of Luke Skywalker. After the Empire recaptured
Coruscant, Liberator crashed into Imperial City as the result of damage
sustained during combat. Skywalker's skillful deployment of the Star
Destroyer's shields and repulsorlifts prevented the death of the crew.


This gas giant, the third planet in the Tatoo system, has rings of ice.
The rings are periodically mined to provide the planet Tatooine with
water. [GG7]


The homeworld of the Defels, or Wraiths, this high-gravity world orbiting
Ka'Dedus specializes in the export of meleenium, a metal used to build
durasteel. Af'El is the only known source of the metal. [GG4]

affect mind

A Jedi Knight can use this Force technique to tamper with the perceptions
of a person or creature. It creates illusions or blocks the senses so that
the target can't understand what's really happening. It can also be used
to alter a person's memories, replace them with false memories, or totally
wipe out memories of a particular event. [DFRSB, SWRPG, SWRPG2]


A sentient form of plant life that originated on the Outer Rim world of
Dom-Bradden. Each Affytechan appears beautiful, with a high musical voice
and a body composed of thousands of colorful petals, tendrils, and stalks.
However, it also smells of ammonia and musk. [COJ]

Afyon, Captain

Native of Alderaan and New Republic captain at the helm of the escort
frigate Larkhess, Afyon grew bitter over the years, believing that men
like him were doing the real work of the new government, while the credit
was going to hotshot starfighter pilots. Right before the appearance of
Grand Admiral Thrawn, his warship was relegated to cargo transport duty.
During the Battle of Sluis Van, he proved himself to be an excellent
commander. [HE, HESB]


Home to the famous Rebel pilot Keyan Farlander, this planet is located in
the Lahara sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Sites of interest include
the large city Calna Muun and the backwater town Tondatha. The Empire
wiped out the latter for harboring Rebel collaborators. [FP]


This Imperial Interdictor cruiser was the property of High Admiral
Teradoc. He leased it to Ysanne Isard to aid her quest to destroy Rogue
Squadron. The cruiser was badly damaged during a battle in the section of
space known as the Graveyard of Alderaan. [BW]

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