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  • Paisley Goes with Nothing
  • Written by Hal Rubenstein
    Contribution by Jim Mullen
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9780385483933
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  • Paisley Goes with Nothing
  • Written by Hal Rubenstein
    Contribution by Jim Mullen
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9780307767097
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Paisley Goes with Nothing

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A Man's Guide to Style

Written by Hal RubensteinAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Hal Rubenstein
Contribution by Jim MullenAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Jim Mullen


List Price: $11.99


On Sale: October 20, 2010
Pages: 240 | ISBN: 978-0-307-76709-7
Published by : Main Street Books Crown/Archetype
Paisley Goes with Nothing Cover

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The best shoes to dance in are sneakers with no tread left.

Old ski lift tickets are not a fashion accessory.

Nothing is "fun for the whole family" unless the parents are under ten.

There's no such thing as classy luggage as long as you have to carry it.

With an irresistible combination of sharp wit, shrewd insight, and great common sense, Paisley Goes with Nothing offers men an invaluable arsenal of survival tactics for thriving in a modern world, including "Two Easy Pieces (Buying a Suit)", "Father Knew Zip (How to Shave)", "A Medium Is the Message--But So Is an Extra Large (What Your Wardrobe Says About You)", "Geeks Bearing Gifts (Buying Presents)", "House by You (Entertaining on Your Turf)", and dozens more that are as useful and enlightening as they are ingeniously, universally funny.  An indispensable resource for every man (and a godsend for those in search of a perfect gift), it's society's last hope for keeping the word gentleman from becoming obsolete.


Fifty Things Every Man Must Know

1.  How to write a thank-you note

2.  The birthday or anniversary of anyone whose picture sits on your desk or rests in your wallet

3.  A good tailor and magical reweaver

4.  That nothing will make you feel better before you get off a plane than putting on a fresh pair of socks

5.  How to tie a full Windsor knot

6.  One clean joke

7.  The difference between worsted, crepe, and twill

8.  How to give a compliment

9.  How to take a compliment

10.  The private number of at least three wonderful restaurants and the first names of their respective ma¯tre d's

11.  That you don't put salt around a margarita

12.  One card trick

13.  The colors you can't wear and the suit cuts you can

14.  The Zen of washing dishes

15.  The names of two uncommon champagnes--and that you don't open either by making the cork pop

16.  That if you can go a whole season without wearing a particular piece of clothing, you should give it to charity

17.  One poem by heart

18.  How to cook at least one good meal

19.  The European equivalents of your sizes

20.  Your mate's important sizes

21.  That you're supposed to go through a revolving door before she does, so you can push

22.  That sewing is not woman's work

23.  How to play poker

24.  The way to find the North Star

25.  The names of a dozen different flowers (mums don't count) and of a florist who'll deliver them

26.  That you never read the newspaper or eat anything while wearing suede

27.  CPR

28.  That the only woman who will ever love you unconditionally is your mother

29.  How to make friends with a three-year-old

30.  Where you vote

31.  When it's your little brain talking, not your big brain

32.  That Philip Roth, and not Norman Mailer, is the conscience of his generation

33.  How to shine a pair of shoes without ending up like you're auditioning for a minstrel show

34.  The name of whoever does your dry cleaning

35.  That strong-arming, calling out to, or snapping for a waiter is only slightly more attractive than chewing with your mouth open

36.  That it doesn't matter how good your recent workouts have been if you haven't done abdominals

37.  The shape of your face

38.  Kiehl's Rare Earth Facial Cleansing Mask stops razor cuts faster and less painfully than a styptic pencil

39.  You put neither cinnamon nor chocolate atop a cappuccino, and "espresso" is pronounced as it's spelled

40.  An unconstructed jacket should not be cheaper just because it doesn't have a lining

41.  That when a woman says no, she means no

42.  Camcorders are to spontaneity what a hailstorm is to the U.S. Open

43.  That you never show up for dinner at anyone's house empty-handed

44.  That unless your hair is incredibly oily, you shouldn't wash it every day

45.  That if you spill red wine on the carpet, spill white wine on top of it immediately

46.  Someone who gets you into a showroom sale

47.  When to leave

48.  Saying "I don't know" is not as unattractive as you think

49.  That your father understands you better than you think

50.  Good taste is not nearly as much fun as style

  • Paisley Goes with Nothing by Hal Rubinstein
  • May 19, 1997
  • Reference - Etiquette; Humor
  • Main Street Books
  • $15.00
  • 9780385483933

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