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  • The Treasure
  • Written by Suzanne Robinson
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9780553762730
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  • The Treasure
  • Written by Suzanne Robinson
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9780307808080
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The Treasure

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Written by Suzanne RobinsonAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Suzanne Robinson


List Price: $7.99


On Sale: October 19, 2011
Pages: 320 | ISBN: 978-0-307-80808-0
Published by : Bantam Bantam Dell
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How do you steal a treasure from the man who has stolen your heart?

In the newest tantalizing romance from the bestselling author of The Rescue, a ravishing thief devises a scheme to steal an aristocrat's fortune--but loses her heart to him instead....

A mistress of disguise...

Orphan Emily Fox may be London's most skilled lady pickpocket, but she is certain her grandest scheme will also be her last. For when she finds the treasure hidden on Valin North's spectacular estate, she'll be rich enough to give her beloved siblings everything they could ever want... and she'll never have to scheme for her supper again. Disguised as a flirtatious debutante entering the social scene, Emmie slips into North's circle--and is instantly captivated by the powerfully sensual nobleman. Suddenly, stealing from North seems like more than mere deception. It seems like a betrayal of the heart.

A master of control...

Valin North knows he must marry to produce an heir, but every woman he meets provokes his disdain. Except one--an unusual, charming debutante whose social status unfortunately makes her more suited to be his mistress than his spouse. Yet in spite of familial pressure to make a more appropriate match, North defiantly pursues the bewitching woman...even though his affections are shadowed by the mysterious inconsistencies of his lady's past. With suspicions aroused, North is forced to wonder: Has this beguiling beauty made off with his heart--or something more?

From the Paperback edition.


North pulled her into the shadows of the balcony with a chuckle.

"How easily you take offense."

Emmie jerked her arm free. "How easily you give it, my lord." She moved toward the doors again, but he put his arm out to stop her.

"Don't go. You can't blame me for being surprised."

He had moved closer, but it was so dark she could see only the line of his cheek and the brilliant white of his shirt. She had already allowed him to stand there too long. Ladies kept a distance from gentlemen.

Emmie edged a step away from him. "I do blame you. All women are not the same."

"No, they're not, and you've proved it tonight. Will you honor me with this next waltz?"

"I believe Adelaide and her mother are leaving."

North offered his arm. "They can't leave without you, and you will be dancing the last waltz with me. Come, Miss de Winter. It will be your triumph."

"It will? Why?"

At this, North stared at her in a puzzled manner. "Surely you know the marriage market game. You said you were here to be shown off and married off."

"Those are my family's plans, my lord. It does not follow that they're also mine."

There. She had regained mastery of herself. A short silence ensued during which Emmie calmly adjusted her gloves.

"Dear God, you mean it."

"I mean it, or I wouldn't have said it, and since we're being familiar, my lord, I'll tell you this. I'm not marrying a fool or a wastrel or anyone distasteful to me simply to be married. I'd rather be alone than spend my life in respectable misery."

North slapped the balustrade and uttered a sharp laugh that made Emmie jump.

"Upon my word, you're the first young lady I've ever met with conversation of substance and an honest and forthright manner. Is this the result of French boarding school?"

His grin softened the severity of his face, and Emmie smiled. "I think it's the result of my own obstinate character." She turned to go. "Now, if you will excuse me, I've been forthright enough for one evening."

"Then you won't waltz with me."

"Haven't you danced enough with simpering young ladies and ambitious mamas?"

"But you just said you're not ambitious."

"I'm not, and I shan't remain on this balcony with you any longer, my lord."

"Ha!" North swiftly stepped in her way. "So you do fear Society's censure."

"I know what honor requires of me, my lord."

"Honor. What a tiresome word," North said softly.

It was the rough quality of his voice that alarmed her. He caught her gloved hand and kissed it before she could protest. Then, without her understanding how it happened, she had backed against the balustrade, and he was much too close. A dark shadow against the lights of the ballroom, he seemed to grow taller than his already substantial height. Confusion descended upon her once more, and she began to feel most odd.

He was moving again! If she wasn't careful, he would touch her, and then something dreadful would happen. Her wobbly knees might give way. To stop him she began to chatter.

"A lady's honor is never tiresome--"

Words stuck in her throat when North ignored her and touched the backs of his fingers to her cheek.

"Forget about tiresome propriety," he whispered. "Your honesty and frankness are more fascinating than the greatest beauty."

His breath in her ear caused exotic feelings to erupt in her body. Emmie dropped her fan. He wasn't supposed to try to seduce her! Where were her audacity and courage? She was known in the rookeries for her audacity and courage.

Feeling herself begin to tremble under his touch, Emmie blurted out, "One's good name is beyond price." He only smiled and bent down, his lips parted. Emmie gasped, dashed sideways, and rounded on him.

"Drat if I'll allow you to ruin my good name for a whim, my lord marquess."

Leaning against the balustrade, North gave her a mocking smile and said quietly, "I felt you trembling, Emily Charlotte de Winter."

"That's quite enough liberty of conversation," Emmie said. She whirled around and marched to the doors, but stopped to glare at him over her shoulder. "I may not want to get married, but I'm not a fool. ". . . He that filches from me my good name/ Robs me of that which not enriches him,/ And makes me poor indeed.' And it's I who will suffer from its lack, not you."

"You can't hide behind quotations forever."

"Good evening to you, my lord." The heels of her slippers tapped loudly on the marble floor as she stamped away.

"Good evening, my lady coward."

Emmie kept walking and didn't look back. She was sitting beside Adelaide in the carriage as it drove away before she realized she'd forgotten to pick up her fan.

From the Paperback edition.
Suzanne Robinson

About Suzanne Robinson

Suzanne Robinson - The Treasure
Suzanne Robinson holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of more than a dozen historical romances and a critically acclaimed historical mystery series, which she writes as Lynda S. Robinson. She lives in Texas.

  • The Treasure by Suzanne Robinson
  • April 06, 1999
  • Fiction - Romance - Historical
  • Bantam
  • $19.00
  • 9780553762730

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