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  • My Husband's Girlfriend
  • Written by Cydney Rax
  • Format: Trade Paperback | ISBN: 9781400082193
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  • My Husband's Girlfriend
  • Written by Cydney Rax
  • Format: eBook | ISBN: 9780307351517
  • Our Price: $9.99
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My Husband's Girlfriend

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A Novel

Written by Cydney RaxAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Cydney Rax


List Price: $9.99


On Sale: November 07, 2006
Pages: 304 | ISBN: 978-0-307-35151-7
Published by : Crown Crown/Archetype
My Husband's Girlfriend Cover

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A celibate husband and wife are the two most dangerous people on earth . . .

Neil and Anya Meadows are stuck in a sexless marriage. Anya suffers from a hormonal disorder that leaves her with no sex drive at all, while Neil has a voracious sexual appetite. After one unfulfilling encounter too many, they make a deal: Neil will be allowed to have a mistress, but only for oral sex and only twice a month. And he’s forbidden to fall in love with her.

Things don’t exactly work out as planned. Neil and his mistress Danielle have a child together, and all of them—Anya, Neil, Danielle, the new baby, and Neil and Anya’s daughter—decide to live together as Houston’s most complicated blended family. The tension builds as each is forced to make difficult choices, as well as to come to terms with the past—and the future.

Fast-paced, provocative, and sexy, My Husband’s Girlfriend explores issues of morality, emotional ties, family, love, and monogamy, and is an eye-opening novel about the complexity of modern love.
Cydney Rax

About Cydney Rax

Cydney Rax - My Husband's Girlfriend

Photo © Katrina Moore

CYDNEY RAX is the author of My Daughter’s Boyfriend and My Husband’s Girlfriend. She is also the creator of Book-Remarks.com, a website that promotes books by and about African Americans. She lives in Houston, Texas.


My Husband’s Girlfriend is a heartfelt special delivery of faith and doing the right thing. Rax has penned a moving, poignant example of the true measure of a woman.”
—Marissa Monteilh, author of Make Me Hot

“Cydney Rax has opened Pandora’s box. . . . My Husband’s Girlfriend is an explosive story about the sanctity of marriage, infidelity, and the other woman; it will provoke lively discussions.”
—Ann Brown of rawsistaz.com
Discussion Questions

Discussion Guides

1. 1. Which is your favorite character? Least favorite? Why?

2. 2. Do you think that in real life, many married men would want to have a marital arrangement like Anya and Neil's? Why or why not?

3. 3. Do you think Anya really loved her husband and tried to do the best thing for her marriage? What could she have done differently?

4. 4. Do you know anyone in this situation in real life?

5. 5. Does a man have a right to be involved with his child, even if the child were born during an adulterous affair? Why or why not?

6. 6. Do you believe that “baby mamas” can truly get along and make things work in spite of their circumstances? Why or why not?

7. 7. Do you know any one like Dani in real life? Do you consider her a great threat to women in general? Is she a good or a bad mother?

8. 8. Who is the strongest woman in the novel? What makes her strong?

9. 9. Should married women do whatever their husband want sexually even if it’s painful and/or embarrassing? Why?

10. 10. What is your favorite or most memorable scene in the book?

11. 11. Did the characters seem real or unreal? Why or why not?

12. 12. Is it a good idea for women to take advice from other women that are not in relationships, like the advice Vette is always giving to Anya?

13. 13. Was Neil a good father? Why or why not?

14. 14. Do you think that Neil and Anya should remain together or split up?

15. 15. Did you like the ending? How would you have written the ending?

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