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  • Baby Sleepytime
  • Written by Christopher Oliver
  • Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781578262601
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Baby Sleepytime

The CD Scientifically Proven to Put Your Baby to Sleep--Fast

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Baby Sleepytime Cover

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A book of classic nursery rhymes packaged with a CD that provides sonic sleep rhythms and soothing ocean sounds to gently lull your baby into the peaceful land of dreams. Guaranteed!

As every new parent knows, getting your baby to sleep can be a daunting task. Baby Sleepytime combines a book of delightful nursery rhymes that you read to your child as you play the hour-long CD that is scientifically designed to help you and your baby go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Baby Sleepytime is a breakthrough advancement in sleep technology. Employing Independent Binaural Beat Sound Technology, the CD is so effective that you won't spend another sleepless night soothing your crying baby. Baby Sleepytime uses the power of binaural beats to induce the Frequency Following Response (FFR). Well-known to scientists since the 1930s, binaural beats and FFR were the subject of an article in Scientific American in 1973 that led to many new discoveries into brainwave effects.

AV technologist Christopher Oliver has built on these discoveries to create a unique and powerful dual binaural beat technology. He recorded and mixed multiple tracks of ocean waves from the Gulf of Mexico at Padre Island, blending them to produce a backdrop on which he layered multi-track, sleep-inducing brainwave sounds. The result is the most effective sleep CD ever. It even works for adults.
Completely safe and very effective, Baby Sleepytime means no more crying and tears at bedtime for babies and no more sleepless nights for parents. Guaranteed!


Introduction: About Baby Sleepytime

As every new parent knows, getting your baby to sleep–and stay asleep–can be much harder than it sounds. My sister’s newborn, Kaley Emma, quickly became notorious for waking up frequently. After 8 weeks of being up every two hours, my sister was a walking zombie.

It was about that point, when my sister was frazzled, tired, and just plain worn out, that I came up with the concept behind Baby Sleepytime. I had already developed meditation brainwave technologies for adults, so it was a short step from that to create an audio CD with binaural beats to put babies–and adults–right to sleep. The dual binaural beats are mixed with multiple tracks of ocean waves from the Gulf of Mexico, creating a CD that is pleasant to listen to as well as so powerful it will lull your crying baby to dreamland.

And it works! The very first night my sister played the disc for Kaley, she slept for 6 consecutive hours. After just two weeks of nightly use, she was sleeping 9 hours. For a 10-week-old newborn, this seemed miraculous.

I can only imagine how useful this CD can be to you. Just take a minute to pop in the CD, and I guarantee you will be delighted at the results. Never again will you have to spend another night soothing your baby.

How to Use the Book and CD

Baby Sleepytime
has been created to help your baby get to sleep, plus induce longer sleeping periods. Baby Sleepytime will easily become an important part of your baby’s routine, allowing your infant to quickly achieve deep and restorative sleep.

Read the nursery rhymes as you play the Baby Sleepytime CD softly (low volume) on repeat mode in your CD player. While it doesn’t matter what size or kind of player you have, it must have stereo speakers for the Baby Sleepytime CD to work. Your baby and entire family will enjoy more restful and peaceful nights of deep, healthy sleep.

Table of Contents

Introduction: About Baby Sleepytime

How the CD Technology Works

Sleep Tips

How to Use the Book and CD

Nursery Rhymes:
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Lullaby, oh, Lullaby
The Man in the Moon
Hush a-bye Baby
Lullaby and Goodnight
Come to the Window
Going to Bed
So, So, Rock-a-By So
Hush Little Baby, Don’t Say a Word
Escape at Bedtime
The Rock-a-By Lady
Fairy and Child
Orkney Lullaby

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