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Child Health Guide

Holistic Pediatrics for Parents

Written by Randall Neustaedter, O.M.D.Author Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Randall Neustaedter, O.M.D.

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The number of children taking prescription drugs for every type of ailment has reached epidemic proportions. Child Health Guide offers sensible alternatives to this disturbing trend, providing the information parents need to make informed decisions about natural healing for their children and the integration of natural treatments into their children's medical care. The book covers the prenatal period through infancy, toddlerhood, and into middle childhood, with emphasis on extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, a natural foods diet, avoidance of toxic chemicals, limited use of vaccines, and treatment of health problems with homeopathic medicines and herbs. Child Health Guide respects parents' choices while providing persuasive arguments for building a healthy immune system by avoiding conventional drugs and stressing natural methods. Using an educational and informative tone, the book discusses preventive medicine, the causes of poor health in children, and common foods and chemical exposures that can contribute to chronic illness. It also provides nutritional interventions that strengthen immunity and promote healing.


"This book is long overdue. Parents are overwhelmed by choices in caring for the health of their children. Thorough and practical, this guide is invaluable for deciding on the best care, from various healing traditions to conventional scientific medicine."
-Robert Schiller, M.D., Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York

"This book offers a fresh voice for parents and professionals in search of a wide-angle view of child health. Randy Neustaedter has given us a wealth of information collected from his extensive experience caring for children. Child Health Guide will be an invaluable addition to the field of Pediatrics for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge beyond the confines of our conventional health care system."
- Stephen S. Cowan, M.D., FAAP, Pediatrician

"Child Health Guide provides parents and healthcare practitioners with valuable information to keep children healthy. This book teaches us to strengthen and maintain vitality in infants and children using natural interventions. Randy Neustaedter offers a strong voice to support another way of thinking about how we raise our children."
- Lawrence B. Palevsky, M.D., FAAP, Pediatrician

"Congratulations to Dr. Neustaedter on another great book! With sections on nutrition, sleep, behavior, common health problems, and more, Child Health Guide will prove an indispensable reference for parents wanting to raise their children in a more healthful, natural, and thoughtful way. While thoroughly researched and referenced, the concise presentation makes the information easy for busy parents to absorb and use right away. Dr. Neustaedter’s dedication to the betterment of our children’s health can be found on every page."
- Janet Lavatin, M.D., Pediatrician

"Child Health Guide is a comprehensive and easily accessible tool that provides new and experienced parents with a solid foundation of practical and evidence-based information that will confidently guide them through integrating traditional and alternative healthcare methods of treatments. This is a must-read for parents who want to make informed and safe healthcare choices."
- Lisa Reagan, President, Families for Natural Living

"Parents who want to raise a child with truly optimal health now have a valuable resource in Child Health Guide. This empowering book covers all aspects of holistic parenting to help parents make informed decisions. It is a great gift to parents and a refreshing contribution to a pediatric healthcare system in need of transformation."
- Jane Sheppard, Executive Director, Holistic Pediatric Association

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