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- A -

Henry Alford reads from his book Big Kiss. (06/01)

Jonathan Ames reads "Free Meals", from his book What's Not to Love? (6/00)

Ben Anastas reads selections from An Underachiever's Diary. (2/98)

Donald Antrim reads from his novel The Verificationist. (2/00)

Two songs by Louis Armstrong: "It Takes Time" and "Honey, Don't You Love Me Anymore?" (7/97)

John Ashbery reads from The Voice of the Poet. (7/01)

An excerpt from the audio edition of Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood. (5/97)

W.H. Auden reads from The Voice of the Poet. (10/00)

- B -

Peter Balakian reads from Black Dog of Fate. (4/98)

Dan Barden reads "The Long Voyage Home 1939" and "Catalina 1977," both from John Wayne: A Novel. (7/97)

Lauren Belfer reads from her novel, City of Light. (5/99)

Aimee Bender reads "Drunken Mimi" and "The Rememberer" from her collection The Girl in the Flammable Skirt. (7/98)

Emily Bernard reads from Remember Me to Harlem. (2/01)

Betsy Berne reads from Bad Timing. (2/01)

Richard Bernstein reads from The Ultimate Journey. (05/01)

Elizabeth Bishop reads from The Voice of the Poet. (9/00)

Arthur Bradford reads a selection from Dogwalker. (9/01)

Geraldine Brooks reads selections from Foreign Correspondence. (3/98)

Bliss Broyard reads a passage from "The Trouble With Mr. Leopold," from her collection My Father, Dancing. (9/99)

An excerpt from the audio edition of A Walk in the Woods and an excerpt from the audio edition of Notes from a Small Island, both read by the author, Bill Bryson. (5/98)

An excerpt from the audio edition of Flight of Passage, by Rinker Buck. (6/97)

Chandler Burr reads from The Emperor of Scent. (3/03)

- C -

Lisa Carey reads from The Mermaids Singing. (5/98)

Kate Christensen reads from her novel In The Drink. (6/99)

Nicolas Christopher reads a selecion of poems. (4/03)

Nicolas Christopher reads from Atomic Field and Franklin Flyer. (4/02)

Nicholas Christopher reads from his novel A Trip to the Stars. (3/00)

Mark Cirino reads a passage from Name the Baby. (6/98)

Deborah Copaken Kogan reads from Shutterbabe. (2/01)

- D -

Mark Danielewski reads a favorite passage from his book House of Leaves. (4/00)

Kiran Desai reads from her novel, Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard. (5/99)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni reads from her novel, Sister of My Heart. (1/99)

Anthony Doerr reads from "The Hunter's Wife". (9/02)

Alison Dorfman reads three poems: "Fluke Is Decent Under 4 Easy Dots," "That Sushi Bar?," and "Lotto." (12/97)

Mark Dunn reads from Ella Minnow Pea. (10/02)

- E -

Elisabeth Eaves reads from Bare. (9/02)

Deborah Eisenberg reads from "Like It or Not". (9/02)

Bret Easton Ellis reads from his novel, Glamorama. (1/99)

David Ebershoff reads from his novel, Pasadena. (1/99)

Nathan Englander reads "For the Relief of Unbearable Urges" and "Reb Kringle" from his collection For the Relief of Unbearable Urges. (4/99)

An audio excerpt from Into the Forest, by Jean Hegland. (9/97)

Alicia Erian reads from The Brutal Language of Love. (4/01)

- F -

Laura Fraser reads from An Italian Affair. (7/01)

- G -

William Gates reads from "George Lassos Moon". (9/02)

William Gay reads from Provinces of Night. (12/00)

Myla Goldberg reads from her novel Bee Season. (5/00)

- H -

Aleksandar Hemon reads "The Life and Work of Alphonse Kauders", from his book The Question of Bruno. (6/00)

Edward Hirsch reads from Lay Back the Darkness (4/03)

David Hollander reads from L.I.E. (12/00)

Sheri Holman reads three selections from A Stolen Tongue. (2/98)

An excerpt from the audio edition of Wasted, by Marya Hornbacher, read by the author. (3/98)

Michel Houellebecq reads from The Elementary Particles. (12/00)

- I -

Jeremy Irons reads from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita. (10/98)

- J -

Randall Jarrell reads "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner" and "Eighth Air Force". (5/02)

Ha Jin reads from his novel Waiting. (12/99)

Molly Jong-Fast reads from Normal Girl. (8/00)

- K -

Fred Kaplan reads the prelude to Gore Vidal. (11/99)

Ben Katchor reads from Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer. (8/00)

Matthew Klam reads "Issues I Dealt With in Therapy", from his book Sam the Cat and Other Stories. (6/00)

David Knowles reads from his novel The Third Eye. (2/00)

An excerpt from the audio edition of The Other Side of the River, by Alex Kotlowitz. (2/98)

An excerpt from the audio edition of Eiger Dreams, and Into Thin Air read by the author, Jon Krakauer. (6/97)

Nicole Krauss reads from Man Walks Into A Room. (5/02)

- L -

Fred Leebron reads from his novel Six Figures. (3/00)

Jonathan Lethem reads Chapter 1 and Chapter 15 of As She Climbed Across the Table. (3/97)

Jonathan Lethem introduces this reading from Girl in Landscape, in which Pella Marsh happens along her arch-nemesis Efram in the desert, and goes home with him. (5/98)

Jonathan Lethem reads the opening passage of Motherless Brooklyn. (9/99)

Robert Lowell reads his poem"For the Union Dead". (6/00)

- M -

Thomas Mallon reads from In Fact. (1/01)

Jesse May reads two selections from Shut Up and Deal. (5/98)

Elizabeth McCracken reads at National Book Awards Finalists Reading. (3/97)

Yona Zeldis McDonough reads from The Four Temperaments(8/02)

Ian McEwan reads the first chapter of Enduring Love. (3/98)

Dennis McFarland reads from A Face at the Window, at the National Arts Club. (5/97)

Gita Mehta reads three selections from Snakes and Ladders, recorded at The Asia Society. (6/97)

James Merrill reads from The Voice of the Poet. (8/00)

Eliza Minot reads from her novel The Tiny One. (12/99)

Steven Millhauser reads from his novel Little Kingdoms. (11/99)

- N -

- O -

Tim O'Brien reads a passage from Tomcat in Love. (9/98)

Stewart O'Nan reads two unpublished short stories, "Summer of '77" and "Kid Lazarus." (4/97)

- PQ -

Michael Paterniti reads from Driving Mr. Albert. (7/00)

Sylvia Plath reads from The Voice of the Poet. (11/00)

Richard Price reads two selections from Samaritan. (1/03)

Richard Price reads two selections from Freedomland. (6/98)

Tracy Quan reads from Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl. (9/01)

- R -

Steven Rinehart reads "Kick in the Head", from his collection Kick in the Head. (5/00)

- S -

Satan and Adam perform their song "I Want You." (10/98)

David Schickler reads from his novel, Kissing in Manhattan. (6/01)

Bernard Schlink reads from his novel, The Reader. (1/99)

Vikram Seth reads from his novel, An Equal Music. (5/99)

Anne Sexton reads her poem "Music Swims Back to Me" from The Voice of the Poet. (5/00)

Matthew Sharpe reads from his novel Nothing is Terrible. (2/00)

Jenefer Shute reads at Limbo Cafe in New York City. (4/97)

Gini Sikes reads two selections from 8 Ball Chicks. (4/98)

David Ogden Stiers reads a passage from Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full. (10/98)

In this audio interview, Ron Suskind and Cedric Jennings discuss the sin of pride and how it helped get Cedric into Brown. (7/98)

Ron Suskind reads a passage from A Hope in the Unseen: on Cedric's arrival at Brown, his mother Barbara begins to feel out of place. A few days into orientation, there are clear indications that Cedric is out of his depth. (7/98)

- T -

Melanie Thernstrom reads from Halfway Heaven. (11/98)

Maria Tucci reads "A Woman Without a Country" by John Cheever. (10/99)

- U -

John Updike reads his short story "The Witnesses." (12/98)

- V -

Gore Vidal reads from The Golden Age. (10/00)

Selections from The Voice of the Poet: Five American Women (10/01)

- W -

Alan Warner reads an excerpt from Morvern Callar, and a short story, "Bitter Salvage". (4/97)

Colson Whitehead reads from his novel The Intuitionist. (12/98)

An excerpt from the audio edition of Ambush at Fort Bragg, by Tom Wolfe.

Elizabeth Wurtzel reads four selections from Bitch. (6/98)

Elizabeth Wurtzel reads from Full Frontal Fiction. (11/00)

Elizabeth Wurtzel reads from Radical Sanity. (2/01)

- XYZ -

Listen to a Valentine's Day greeting from Barry Yourgrau, and two short stories: "Fin de Siècle" and "At the Clockmaker's." (12/98)

Barry Yourgrau reads "Conversation" from his book Haunted Traveller. (6/99)

Cynthia Zarin reads two poems from The Watercourse. (7/02)

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