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Ron Rosenbaum   When Hitler's war ended in 1945, the war over Hitler had just begun. In this passage from his book Explaining Hitler, Ron Rosenbaum tracks down would-be "Hitler explainers" and discusses the connection between Hitler and Franz Kafka.  
Jon Billman   In his collection of stories When We Were Wolves, Jon Billman roams across an American West you never knew existed, populated by rogues, tricksters, and others coping with the accidents of life. In this issue of Bold Type, Billman offers one story from the collection: "Becky Weed."  
Sarah Saffian   Twenty-three years after she was offered for adoption, Sarah Saffian heard these words on the other end of the phone line: "Sarah, my name is Hannah Morgan. I think I'm your birth mother." In this issue of Bold Type, she offers an excerpt from the memoir of her journey to discover her family--and also herself.  
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